Working at Southern Temp

Southern Temp
Manual Laborer

Company Details:
SouthernTemp was a full human resource and staff company. SmartHire/SouthernTemp resulted from a merger of two local employment agencies in 2003. The company provides staff, professional placement, internet-based pre-employment testing and a full spectrum of human resources and consulting services. The human resources services include SmartStaff, three ways to bring on staff; SmartPlace, professional placement; SmartTest, more than 700 ways to quantify skills and attitudes; and SmartHR, full service human resources services and consulting.

On call employee to complete: Yard work; industrial/chemical waste clean up; inventory warehouse stock; loading stock onto trucks for distribution

Cut and mowed yards; cleaned debris after storms; removed petroleum soaked gravel from a small industrial spill at a manufacturing site; and loaded inventory on to trucks from a manufacturer’s warehouse to be distributed to stores throughout the southeast United States.

Logistics, productivity, and Safety Training with Hazardous Material


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