Washington University School of Architecture

Architectural education changes your mind … and the world. It does so indirectly, through the hands of the students who become professionals who imagine, envision, design, and build the environment that we live in.

The College of Architecture has pioneered a course of study that integrates architecture with the liberal arts, allowing students to acquire a rigorous design education while exploring other academic areas. The curriculum prepares students to be flexible thinkers and to find creative solutions—not just to architectural problems, but to a wide variety of challenges. Students learn to evaluate, organize, and refine ideas, developing skills to be a thoughtful, effective member of society and the profession of architecture.

The Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design is engaged in architecture in all its manifestations of discourse and practice, from building technologies and professional standards to drawing, painting, and sculpture; from digital media to full-scale fabrication; from architectural history to critical theory. Our graduate programs offer vision and demand commitment throughout a variety of options and terms of study. These programs are interconnected and integrated sequences of design studios and parallel coursework that move between values of technology and craft, emphasizing both theory and practice, and taking into consideration questions of site, material, assembly, and purpose.

Along with the focus on St. Louis and the North American continent in the curriculum, international semesters expand the physical reach of both the undergraduate and graduate programs, connecting them to diverse educational settings in Europe, South America, and Asia. To learn about more about opportunities for international study offered by the Sam Fox School, click here.


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