Christner, Inc. Principals

Below are listed the principals of a place where I once worked and that have shaped my opinion on work.

Question. Collaborate. Create.
Fulfilling our clients’ visions through insightful planning and transformative design

We collaborate
Ideas multiply through constructive dialogue.
That’s why collaboration is at the heart of what we do, both in our own office and with you and your team. We invite you into our creative process. We listen. We Learn. We advise. And together, we work toward a common goal.

We question.
Questioning expands possibilities.
So we take nothing for granted. Instead, we frame questions that allow us to get to the core of your vision. We dig deep to discover what you need and hope for from your project. Then we provide the structure you need to make important decisions. Through questioning, we turn design problems into opportunities.

We Create
Architectural solutions begin with a creative spark.
They also demand a lot of hard work. We believe the best solutions are those that inspire real change. They influence the way people live, work and view the world. Whetehr we are designing for health, learning, work or play, we create environments that inspire people to do better. To feel better. To think better. To be better.

Our work reflects our clients’ values and expresses their aspirations. The results are striking in their variety. Each project is a response to its own imperatives for program, locale, character of the built context and, of course, budget. Each is both thoughtful and thought-provoking. And each helps to foster an essential transformation.

Some people believe that design can make a difference. We like to work with these people. Because we believe it, too.
In fact, we create our most transformative architectural designs when we work in collaboration with organizations that face complex challenges and share our belief in the power of design to address them. By asking good questions and seeking fresh approaches, we deliver environments that realize their full potential, while encouraging the people who enter them to achieve theirs.

A building’s exterior may inspire, but the inside is where our experience awakens.
At Christner, interior design and architecture are seamlessly interwoven. Each derives much of its inspiration and character from the other. That’s why we integrate it into the design process from the start. From space planning, furniture selection and lighting to wayfinding systems and environmental graphics, we create solutions that align with your goals, while supporting your building’s functionality and purpose.

A landscape design should bridge the outside world to the inside. It’s a simple principle that guides each landscape architecture or urban design commission we undertake.
Whether it be a campus master plan, a commercial development or a streetscape, our landscape and urban designs focus on connecting people and the environment. It’s about improving an environment’s functionality. Its emotional vitality. Its long-term value. We do it using a multidisciplinary approach that respects the land and your relationship to it.

We practiced sustainable design before it had a name.
The concept was already second nature to us when we designed the Monsanto Center at the Missouri Botanical Garden in the mid-1990s, still a model of “green architecture.” As pioneers in sustainability, we’re committed to integrating sustainable design principles into every assignment, whether the goal is LEED certification or not. Environmentally friendly principles permeate every aspect of our practice, from our site design and landscape architecture, to our strategic planning and interior design.

Successful organizations are constantly evolving. They understand who they are. They know what they wish to become. And they have a plan for getting there.
At Christner, we move beyond the traditional realm of architecture to create a framework for long-term planning. We are meticulous about uncovering the market forces, demographic trends and business economics you need to make important decisions about your future facilities. Our goal: strategic facility plans that reflect your enterprise strategy.

Few people want to go to the hospital.
Good healthcare design, however, can make the experience less daunting. It can reduce patient anxiety and promote trust. It can bring normalcy to a situation that is anything but. It can help caregivers deliver better, safer care. It can help institutions advance their missions.

At Christner, we understand the positive role that design can play in the healing process. We will collaborate with you to create environments that reach higher. Places that truly make a difference.

When we learn, we are transformed. We become someone new, a better version of ourselves.
At Christner, we understand the power of the learning environments we design. We will help you create places that inspire students and faculty to linger. Or that challenge them to think differently. Or that simply help them get where they need to go.

Each one is carefully conceived and designed to achieve the results you desire. All, however, share a common trait: they will transform you.

The most valuable resource in any business is its people. Their performance, however, is often shaped by the environment in which they work.
The best work environments are those that help us do our jobs. They make it easy to share information. They put the tools we need at our fingertips. They raise our spirits when we need inspiration, and provide solitude when we need to reflect.

At Christner, we understand how people work. And we apply that knowledge to creating offices that work.

At its best, design can inspire.
Through our work with museums, conservatories and other special commissions, we create environments that influence perceptions and that lift the spirit.

These are spaces that sharpen our senses. Where the structures themselves draw us in. Just being there makes our hearts beat faster, or calms us down or awakens our senses to a whole new realm of possibilities.


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