Additional Podcast listening.

This month, we talk to Mike Hines, co-founder of Homepath Products, about his company, their product and the importance of adaptability in green building.
Be sure to check out Mike’s blog for more information and insight.  You can also find him on Twitter @eXapath

Today we talk about new and existing HVAC with Bronson Shavitz of Shavitz Heating and Cooling. Equipment sizing, efficiencies, diagnostics, and client relationships are discussed.  Sponsored by Green Dream Group in Chicago.

The premier of Burning Down the House is moderated by architect and writer Curtis B. Wayne. The discussion centers around the Roman ideals of “fimitatis, utilitatis” and “venustatis” in architecture, with architects Roderick L. Knox and George Y. Sawick

This week on CounterSpin: a special look at the state of the media in America. Every week on CounterSpin we talk mostly about what the media are getting wrong. But the big story inside the media business is the collapse of the business itself. What are the implications for citizens? What can we do about it? And how concerned should we be about the failures of corporate owners that have done so little to promote good journalism in the first place? We’ll talk about all that and more with our guests Robert McChesney and John Nichols, co-authors of the new book ”The Death and Life of American Journalism: the Media Revolution That Will Begin the World Again.’ LINKS: –“How to Save Journalism,” by Robert McChesney and John Nichols (book excerpt, The Nation, 1/7/10)

Well they finally did it. Chris and Phil broke the one hour mark. It only took a huge topic like ‘Deep Energy Retrofits’ and a batch of Chris’s ‘sidecars’ to get our intrepid imbibers to do it. Our Nation is full of an existing housing stock in desperate need of improvement. There is scarcely a greener thing to do than to assign our collective architectural skills to the task of improving the efficiency, durability, functionality, and all-around livability of these homes. We’re talking DEEP energy retrofits here, so the timid need not download! The van is swinging by, the door is open, and it’s only slowing down a little, so brace yourself, Jump in, and let’s go!

Palast discusses BP and Arctic to Amazon Campaign.


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