Recently heard podcasts

Studio 360
In 1942, Aaron Copland was commissioned to write a score for the choreographer Martha Graham. Dance and music in America have never been the same. The now-legendary ballet, Appalachian Spring, looks at the tension between community and individualism through the story of a bride and groom in a strait-laced frontier town — complete with a revivalist preacher and his cult-like followers. Produced by Jocelyn Gonzales.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Special Exhibition Podcast
Director Philippe de Montebello offers a glimpse of the Metropolitan’s state-of-the-art Ruth and Harold D. Uris Center for Education, opening October 23.

Southwest Narratives
Artist Christina Fernandez discusses the theory and practice of her narrative photographic works with historian and visual arts critic Roberto Tejada. The conversation, hosted by LACMA’s Cristina Cuevas-Wolf, took place on April 22.

Kunstler cast #1: Drugstores
James Howard Kunstler rips on drugstores: the one-story, junk food- dispensing boxes that masquerade as buildings on America’s street corners. Topics include: monocultural zoning; big retail vs. mom & pop; separating the business programming from the container that it comes in; and the destiny of these awful structures after the cheap oil fiesta is over. (Info about program and theme music at Download: KunstlerCast_01.mp3

KCRW’s To the Point
More today on desperate efforts to limit potential damage from the Gulf Oil spill that could extend from the Mississippi Delta all the way to the Eastern seaboard. We?ll also hear about unsettling questions being raised in Washington.

KCRW’s Politics of Culture
Yale University is publishing a book about the controversial cartoons that appeared in a Danish newspaper depicting the prophet Mohammed, which resulted in worldwide Islamic protests, riots and deaths. But the book itself will omit any and all images of the prophet. Jonathan Kirsch discusses this decision with religious scholars and others.


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