Urban Design Podcast listening

You might have heard about Fort Collins last year after it was rated in 2008 as one of the 10 best cities to live in the USA by Money Magazine. This is not surprising. Sunny weather, friendly people, and dedicated bike lanes make Fort Collins attractive for people to live there. Vaught Frye Ripley Design is a multidisciplinary design firm that is based in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Lonco Inc. has been in business for almost 40 years. Over the years, the company has changed ownership but has kept their view of doing business, which is to provide excellent service to clients and stay on top of the technological edge. Thus has helped to keep old clients and develop new business relationships such asCirque du Soleil, international fast food chain restaurants, Denver Botanical Gardens, and the city of Pueblo in Colorado.

The Tramway Building was constructed in 1911 and is located in an historical part of Denver on Thirteenth and Arapahoe Street. Originally it was a part of the tramway system and served as a Denver headquarters and center with meeting halls, administrative offices, theaters, and a bowling alley. Throughout the years, the building changed ownership, and today it belongs to the Denver Center for the Performance Arts. It is home to the Denver Center Theatre Company, the Denver Center Theatre Academy, the National Theatre Conservatory, and the National Center for Voice and Speech.

Many companies desire to expand their operations abroad without understanding the specifics, rules, and regulations for the industry as defined in another culture and dissimilar business practices. For example, providing architectural, planning, and landscape services for customers in Russia is much different from serving American clients.

There are many initiatives that aim to improve the sustainability and environment of our homes and workplaces. One of these programs is called the Governor’s Energy Office’s High Performance Building Program, which was initiated in Colorado and is focused on reducing the use of energy for public and commercial buildings in support of the state’s climate action plan. Margaret Pauls of the Hutton Architecture Studio has been working on this program for many months. The Hutton Architecture Studio was recently selected along one other firm to be a consult for the GEO, guide the program, and provide outreach and assistance to the public through the High Performance Building Program.

Sociology traditionally isn’t regarded by urban designers as one of the disciplines that is related to the design process or implementation. Nevertheless, as urban designers we can learn a lot from urban sociologists who will make our designs better and more functional. Aysu Kes Erkul is an urban sociologist who completed extensive studies on the impact of different forms of capital on the housing preferences of people, as well on their perceptions about the city they live in.


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