WXPN World Cafe Marathon 1

The Hiders: Music, Americana Style
Neil Young’s spirit permeates throughout the songs of The Hiders, but there’s also a musically robust style going on that recalls such genre classics as Uncle Tupelo, Sparklehorse, Emmylou Harris and The Band.

At the Intersection of Folk and Pop
Tim Seely’s debut, Funeral Music, is a beautiful and intricate folk-pop album brimming with atmosphere. Seely briefly made a name for himself as the frontman of The Actual Tigers, an ambitious and talented pop unit that was cruelly lost in record label woes back in 2001.

Gigi: Ethiopian Roots, International Sound
Ejigayehu “Gigi” Shibabaw has a truly international sound. By mixing jazz, electronica and even dub music elements with traditional Ethiopian styles, Gigi creates upbeat, hopeful music. Her range of styles and beautiful voice bring her very international sound to life.

Camera Obscura: Delicate, Shimmering Pop
Scottish sextet Camera Obscura crafts delicate, shimmering indie-pop that rewards repeated listens. Featuring the airy vocals and literate lyrics of Tracyanne Campbell, the songs convey a deceptive simplicity that belies their poignancy.

The Bees (U.S.): A Poorly Kept Secret
With their effortlessly breezy harmonies and indelible hooks, the members of Nashville’s The Bees (U.S.) dispense delicately crafted, beautifully rootsy pop. Often referred to as “Nashville’s best poorly kept secret,” the as-yet-unsigned band is poised for a national breakthrough.

Jonah Smith: The Roots of Pop
A devotee of pop, soul and jazz, singer-songwriter Jonah Smith makes songs that are best categorized as “roots music,” as he skillfully blends fundamental elements into a sound that’s both progressive and accessible.

Midlake: Accessible but Inventive
The Texas band Midlake has been compared to everyone from The Flaming Lips to The Beatles, which actually makes sense: Consistently accessible but unpredictably inventive, its music appeals to a broad spectrum of listeners.

Jesse Denatale: Troubadour Soul
Taking cues from the storytelling tradition of singer-songwriters like Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and Tom Waits, Jesse Denatale writes songs with depth, ingenuity and remarkable craftsmanship.

Tilly and the Wall: Sugar-Sweet Pop
The first thing listeners will probably notice about the indie-pop band Tilly and the Wall is its use of tap-dancing in place of drumming. But it’s the group’s infectious blend of girl-group vocal harmonies and tightly constructed pop that makes it far more than the sum of its gimmicks.


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