KCRW Today’s Top Tune Podcast Marathon

Johanna Kunin – ‘Fireflies’

Sasha Dobson – Without You, from the album ‘Modern Romance’

Devotchka – ‘Til The End of Time’ is from the soundtrack to the film ‘Little Miss Sunshine’.

Sloan – ‘Who Taught You to Live Like That’ is from the album ‘Never Hear the End of It’.

Tom Brosseau – ‘Fork in the Road’ is from the album ‘Grand Forks’.

Erin McKeown – Melody

Pal Shazar – ‘People Talk’ is from the album ‘The Morning After’.

Una – ‘Fading in C# Minor’ is from the ‘The Rain is Over and Gone E.P.’

Deerhoof – ‘+81’ is the title cut from their download only album.

The Pierces – ‘Boring’ is from the album ‘Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge’.

Sarah Nixey – ‘Strangelove’ is from the album ‘Sing, Memory’.

Wax Tailor – ‘The Way We Lived’ is from the album ‘Hope & Sorrow’.

Los Tres – Bestia

Monocordio – ‘Me Haces Existir’ is from the album ‘La Hora Del Tiempo’.

Willy Mason – ‘World That I Wanted’ is from a live session on Morning Becomes Eclectic.

Eleni Mandell – ‘Make-Out King’ is from the album ‘Miracle of Five’.

Joseph Arthur – ‘Diamond Ring’ is from the album ‘Let’s Just Be’.

Dean & Britta – ‘You Turn My Head Around’ is from the album ‘Back Numbers’.

Dana Falconberry – ‘Sadie’ is from the album ‘Ten Birds on One Wire’.

Carina Round – ‘Come To You’ is from the album ‘Slow Motion Addict’.

Arcade Fire – ‘Black Mirror’ is from the album ‘Neon Bible’.

Wax Tailor feat Charlotte Savary – ‘To Dry Up’ is from the album ‘Hope & Sorrow’.

Bluetones – ‘Baby, Back Up’ is from their self titled full length album.

Love Trio in Dub feat U-Roy – ‘Hard Livin’ is from the album ‘Love Trio in Dub’.

Lost In The Trees – ‘Tall Trees’ is from the album ‘Time Taunts Me’.


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