Recent Democracy Now podcast listening.

Democracy Now! 2010-09-15 Wednesday
Headlines for September 15, 2010; Final Primaries Held Before November Midterms, Tea Party Gains Ground in GOP; Right Livelihood Award Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Gathering of Laureates in Bonn; Another 9/11 Anniversary: September 11, 1973, When US-Backed Pinochet Forces took power in Chile; From “Little Tibet” to Kenya, Right Livelihood Laureates Fight for Peace and Social Justice; France comes under mounting pressure over mass deportation of Roma.

Democracy Now! 2010-09-17 Friday
Headlines for September 17, 2010; Percy Schmeiser vs Monsanto: The Story of a Canadian Farmer’s Fight to Defend the Rights of Farmers and the Future of Seeds; Solar Power in Bangladesh Used to Empower People in Poor, Rural Areas; Large Anti-Government Protests in Thailand scheduled on fourth anniversary of coup.


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