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MPR 89.3 The Current: Musicheads Podcast
Musicheads for April 3, 2007
This week: The Brazilian great Caetano Veloso ventures into chunky rock guitars with his new release (his 40th, believe it or not), “Ce;” then, we finally get around to talking about one that’s been out for a while, but we wanted to make sure we didn’t pass by: Peter Bjorn and John’s “Writer’s Block;” and if that weren’t enough of a spectacular program, we find out if British mega-sensation Amy Winehouse is worth all the hype she’s been receiving. (We’re very happy to report that she is). Tony Lopez and Danny Sigelman are my guests.

NPR Topics: Music Interviews
Gustavo Dudamel: Making Classical Cool In L.A.
Meet a young man who’s managed to make classical music popular in Los Angeles: Gustavo Dudamel. Now the 29-year-old Venezuelan conductor known as “the Dude” is taking the L.A. Philharmonic on its first national tour under its new maestro.

NPR: All Songs Considered Podcast
All Songs Considered for Friday, 31 Mar 2006
Arctic Monkeys live concert sampler. With host Bob Boilen.

NPR: Live Concerts from All Songs Considered
The Black Angels in Concert: 11/05/2006
The Black Angels in concert. With host Bob Boilen. he Black Angels are from Austin, TX. They’ve been making music for just two years, but have already earned a large base of loyal fans and widespread praise from critics for the band’s heavy-duty, trippy jams. It’s a sound the Black Angels call “Native American Drone Rock and Roll.” Hear the band recorded live from Washington, D.C.’s 9:30 Club.

NPR: Music Podcast
NPR: Music for Wednesday, Apr 25 2007
Stories: 1) ‘Someday’ Is Now for Singer Nazanin 2) Rock Shots: Behind the Bands, Behind the Lens 3) Donny Osmond: Making Old New Again 4) Music and History with Vusi Mahlasela 5) In France, a Revolution on the Pop Charts

NPR: Second Stage from All Songs Considered
The Soundcarriers: Falling For You
The four members of The Soundcarriers all grew up together in the Nottingham area in England, and it’s easy to hear the Britpop and rock influences on their new album, Harmonium.

NPR: World Cafe: Next from WXPN
Kyle Andrews: An Ear for Melody
The singer-songwriter makes simple, keyboard-inflected pop songs with drum loops and guitars — and for the most part, he does it all by himself, with an ear for melody that’s as strong as his songwriting ability.

PRI: Echoes Interviews
An Echoes Podcast featuring Robert Rich
ROBERT RICH: ANALOG DAZETechno-tribal pioneer returns to analog space music roots Robert Rich takes retro-space music and points it back to the future on a new CD called ELECTRIC LADDER. Mixing analog synthesizers, lap steel guitar and some minimalist horn charts by Paul Hanson, Robert Rich takes the classic 70s space music sound and filters it.


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