Recent Political Listenings

KCRW’s Politics of Culture
The Fight over Frida
A treasure trove of Frida Kahlo papers, recipes, letters and diary entries have been discovered in Mexico, but are they real?

KCRW’s To the Point
Is Homegrown Terrorism Blowback From The Predator Drones?
President Obama has increased the number of CIA-drone strikes in Pakistan. Insiders claim they?ve taken out hundreds of militants dangerous to the US. But has that apparent success created a new threat?on American soil? Was Faisal Shahzad?s failed bombing in Times Square attempted revenge? Supporters of the drone program concede there’s a toll on Innocent Pakistanis. Nobody really knows how much collateral damage there is. What do American Muslims, Pakistanis and others, think about that. Is short-term alienation worth it if the strikes produce long-term gains.

The ‘Youth Bulge’ and Protests in the Middle East, North Africa
Throughout the Middle East and North Africa, countries with young populations and high unemployment are seeing massive unrest. What does it mean when young men can’t even afford to get married? We hear about the demand for immediate change and the potential consequences of frustrated expectations. Also, Gadhafi vows fight to the death as revolt moves to Tripoli. On Reporter’s Notebook, the Governors versus the President.


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