Recent news podcast listening

KCRW’s Left Right & Center
Federal and State Budget Showdowns; Libya; Newt in 2012?
Capitol Hill lawmakers prevent a government shutdown — for now. Also, a new poll on opposition to broad cuts in Medicare and Social Security, the budget standoff in Wisconsin and Ohio, Defense Secretary Gates on Libya, and speculation over Gingrich?s presidential ambitions.

Fort Hood Shooting; Unemployment Up; GOP Wins; Healthcare
The horror at Fort Hood raises questions of religion, education and mental health. Also, unemployment tops 10%, the GOP?s big election week, and healthcare comes to a vote.

Le Show
le Show – March 6, 2011
This week from London, England.
A discussion of Foreclosure with Yves Smith of the blog Naked Capitalism. @theharryshearer and transcript at

le Show – August 23, 2009
This Week From New Orleans, LA.

le Show – March 13, 2011
This week from Washington D.C.

le Show – March 20, 2011
This week from Sacramento, CA.

le Show – March 27, 2011
This week from KCRW Studios, Santa Monica.

le Show – April 3, 2011
This week from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

le Show – April 10, 2011
This week from Portland, Oregon.

le Show – April 17, 2011
This week from KCRW studios in Los Angeles.

Humanist Network News
Humanist Network News #43: AAI ’09 Darwin Legacy Convention + The Atheist Camel
In this month’s audio podcast, Jende attends the Atheist Alliance International Convention in Burbank, CA, and hears from an assorted number of conference attendees who make up our movement. Listen in as he talks with an Objectivist-influenced rock band, a leader from a Ethical Culture Society, the founder of a freethought film festival, an Arab atheist, and a Pilates instructor–all who came together in California to take part in AAI’s annual conference. Also, Jes interviews one of the founders of Eternal Erath-Bound Pets, a post-rapture pet rescue program run by atheists.

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor
Excerpts from Ted Simons’ January 4th interview with retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

Clean Elections Debate – Republican Candidates for Corporation Commission
Meet the Republican Candidates for Corporation Commission and find out where they stand on the issues. Invited to attend: Brenda Burns, Gary Pierce and Barry Wong.

Greg Palast
Russian TV America
Palast talks about BP Oil and Alaska.


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