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USGBC Knowledge Exchange
One and Two Potomac Yard
The One and Two Potomac Yard projects are highlighted

Chartwell School
Watch as members of the Chartwell School’s project team share their experience in working on the LEED Platinum Certified project.

The Journey to a Green Campus – Part 1
In this multi-part podcast series, you’ll hear from Heather Hendrickson, Director of the Office for Sustainability at Harvard University, and Jim Cowell, Associate Vice President for Facilities at the California Institute of Technology, as they share their experiences and lessons learned while greening their campuses. In this episode, Heather and Jim talk about the first step of setting goals for sustainability.

The Journey to a Green Campus – Part 2
In the second installment of our Journey to a Green Campus, Heather Hendrickson of Harvard University talks about the challenges and opportunities for getting buy-in from stakeholders.

US EPA Local Climate and Energy Webcasts
June 11, 2009 – Local Efficiency and Renewable Project Examples from Madison, Wisconsin
June 11, 2009 – Federal Resources and Funding including ARRA

June 11, 2009 – Accelerating Solar Energy at the Local Level
June 11, 2009 – Federal Resources and Funding including ARRA 2009

Urban Design Podcast
LEED ND pilot project
The LEED program has been well known for past few years. Although the LEED certification system has been active for a many years, there wasn’t a LEED certification for urban planning until a new certification program for urban design, called LEED ND. There have been several LEED ND pilot projects initiated around the world. One of them is a Mueller project in Austin, TX. Dan Cohen worked on the Mueller project while serving as a Director of Planning at Catellus.

We are all familiar with one or more aspects of the LEED certification system. The YRG Sustainability company knows, in detail, all requirements and prerequisites. LEED is their core competency. YRG Sustainability has been involved in the creation of LEED at different levels.

Transportation Demand Management
Over the years, many car sharing programs have been initiated around the world. One of these programs started in Boulder, Colorado in 1997. A group of Boulder citizens were very concerned about minimizing their environmental impact and strived to leave a sustainable legacy for future generations. They took the issue of transportation to heart and made a commitment to minimize their automobile use. In 1997, the “Little Red Car Co-op” was formed. The momentum continued forward, and in 1998, Boulder CarShare was founded and incorporated as a Colorado non-profit.

Succession Planning
Succession Planning, as important it is, is often overlooked by owners of small firms. Wayne Cascio described this phenomenon as a fear of starting to plan for a successor like planning your own funeral. At same time, in managing a small business, we should understand the importance of succession planning, and its effect on the organization.

Sustainable Building
SBP002 Doug Pilgrim
The Seven Faces Mount Sustainability Managing waste, A close look at paper

SBP003 Mark Lacroix
“Sustainability is not a program, department, or marketing initiative; it is a lens through which companies view their business”,said Mark LaCroix, who helped author the new BIFMA guidelines. “Sustainability is hard work and will require much innovation, but every company has low-hanging fruit. The important thing is to get started.”

New Urban Architect
#008 – Designing Community: An Interview with Mike Watkins
What’s the big deal about community, anyway? How can it best be facilitated through design? Which design tools work best?Architect Mike Watkins specializes in the design and implementation of great places that foster community, and his work can be found both domestically and around the world. In the New Urban Architect podcast #8, Mike discusses these questions and more.

#009 – Dynamic, Livable Urbanism: An Interview with James Moore
How do we design and build places that are as livable as European cities and as dynamic as Asian cities? Is it fair to judge more recent development by the standard set by older development? Does the architecture profession as a whole adequately consider the needs and desires of the people who will be living within the urban ecosystems they design? In the New Urban Architect Podcast episode #9, architect James A. Moore discusses this challenge, along with a variety of corollary issues. Moore is a Senior Vice President at HDR, a prolific architecture & engineering firm with nearly 200 offices worldwide. His work is diverse with particular emphasis on urban design, urban redevelopment, and community sustainability.

#010 – Should Seaside be preserved?: An Interview with Leo Casas
What is the key to Seaside’s incredible success? How has it evolved over time, and how might it continue to evolve in the future? Some hold that the town should be designated for preservation–how should we respond to this suggestion? In the New Urban Architect Podcast episode #10, architect Leo Casas discusses a variety of issues relating to Seaside, including those noted above. Casas is the founding principal of Seaside-based Casas Architecture, and was recently the recipient of a 2010 Palladio Award for his design of a new residence in Seaside. During the past decade, he had the opportunity to spread several years serving as Seaside’s Town Architect.

KunstlerCast #5: Starchitects
The Seattle Public Library and Other Award-Winning Disasterous Architecture
How and why did Seattle build that hideous new public library? asks one listener from that city. James Howard Kunstler tells us how cities get hoodwinked into a status fashion contest to have a museum or library built by one of the celebrity architects of the day. Rem Koolhass, Frank Gehry, Peter Eisenman and others are deliberately designing these disastrous, anxiety-inducing mothership UFOs in order to mystify people into thinking they’re supernaturally brilliant. And then we’re stuck with these Gillette Blue Blade-clad fun houses for decades.

KCRW’s Design and Architecture
Ebooks and the iPad: A Match for the Coffee Table Book?
Ebooks may transmit words but can they furnish a room? We hear from Taschen’s Josh Baker and Nook designer Robert Brunner about ebooks, the iPad and whether they can upstage the coffee table book. Plus, Rose Apodaca remembers fashion designer Alexander McQueen, and Kimberli Meyer explains how artists are re-conceptualizing some LA billboards.

Burning Down the House
Burning Down The House – Episode 4 – Student Passions I
Curtis B Wayne discusses Architectural Education and the themes of passion, obsession and ideas with students Eric Moed and Brian Schulman. Guest interlocutors Alison A. Wayne and Jamie Waugh.

Building Performance Podcast
The Business of Selling Building Performance: Interview with Javier Ruiz, President of Senercon and 5 time Energy Star MVP
Selling Energy Efficiency to Builders
Today we talk with Javier Ruiz, president of Snercon, 5 time ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year, and expert in selling energy efficiency to builders in El Paso, where there is no help from rebates, incentives, or energy utility involvement.

LEED: Checklist or Inspirational Tool? Part 1
Is LEED just a checklist? Is it inspirational? Can any rating system be inspirational? Should it be? These are some of the questions that came up in a debate on Twitter.  So, we invited the participants to flesh it out in exquisite detail on our podcast. What we got was a passionate, in depth discussion that we will present in two parts. Here is more about our participants:
Lauren Glasscock for the last three years Lauren has been a Green Building Consultant for KEMA, specifically focusing on LEED projects. Starting in a couple of weeks, she will be the Sustainability Coordinator for Housing at Standford University.
Michael Anchsel: Michael, a nationallyrecognized expert on Green remodeling, writes, trains, and speaks for various publications and events around the nation. He is the owner of Otogawa-Anschel Design-Build a nationally recognized design-build firm, and CEO of Verified Green Inc. which consults with Local Government, product manufacturers, suppliers, builders, and architects on Green building. Michael is the director of research and development for MN GreenStar, and serves on the board of directors for the City of Lakes Rotary Club.
Matt Cole: Matt is a project manager at Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago with a background in community development, historic preservation, and green building.
Elaine Hsieh: Elaine is a Senior Green Building consultant with KEMA’s Sustainable Buildings and Operations (SBO) team with over 11 years of experience in consulting and is a member of the Build2Sustain advisory board. You can read more about Elaine on the B2S Team page.

The Approachable Architect
010. approachable architect podcast – eco-renovating with darren moore, ecovations part 1
episode 010. eco-renovating with darren moore, ecovations, part 1 in this special two part podcast, i make a big announcement about branching out and establishing “reside real estate”. i also interview darren moore, ecoxecutive of ecovations in venice, california. join us as darren discusses being born into the building industry and learning the value of hard work in early in life. he also explains how he had his mid life crisis in his mid-twenties and travelled the world for two years, one of which was spent living in india after his visa expired. we also discuss the pivotal moment that happened in australia when darren discovered his true calling in life, getting involved in the green building movement in a big way. he’s eco-renovated ed begley jr.’s home, was a host on planet green’s “alter eco” with fellow eco-activist adrian grenier of entourage fame, and is currently spreading the word about the importance of retro-fitting existing homes to become more green. we also begin a discussion of nbsp; the growing business of home performance inspection. we cover so much material, it had to be split into two episodes.

AIA – Architecture Knowledge Review
Emerging Professional versus Architect
The AIA Podcast Network’s Phil Simon, Managing Director of Marketing and Promotion, discusses the importance of leadership with Karen Lesney, Associate AIA. In this interview, Ms. Lesney describes the experiences which shape have shaped her career and discusses the qualities of good leadership.


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