What’s funny?

Real Time with Bill Maher
Episode #191 (Originally Aired 10/1/10)
Bill’s guests include Joe Klein, David Cross, Arianna Huffington, Cornel West and Norah O’Donnell.

New Rule: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
Check out Bill’s new rule! For more information, log onto HBO.com.

Episode #192 (Originally Aired 10/8/10)
Bill’s guests include Richard Dawkins, Andrew Ross Sorkin, PJ O’Rourke and SE Cupp.

The Onion Radio News
Street-Smart Teen Found Dead In Library
Boyfriend Vows To Try Harder
Giant Blood Clot Dislodges From Your Femoral Artery
Scientists Say Lifelike Pleasure-Bot Nowhere Near Tested Enough
North Dakota Still Leads Nation In Parking Availability
Gatorade Pledges $200 Million In Thirst Aid To Underquenched Nations
Man On TV Urges Mass Purchase Of Listerine
Neighborhood Children Gear Up For Hotly Anticipated ‘Opening Of The Gerbil’s Tomb’
Netflix Doesn’t Think Area Man Is Ready For Blue Velvet
Georgia Decriminalizes Public Urination
Area Man Still Waiting For Those Extra Napkins
Fight On Top Of Moving Train Not Looking Good For Area Villain
Bumbling Employee Brings Shame To Entire Long John Silver’s Family

Le Show
le Show – April 24, 2011
This week from New Orleans, LA.

le Show – May 1, 2011
This week from New Orleans, LA.

le Show – August 30, 2009
This Week from KCRW Studios Los Angeles.

le Show – September 13, 2009
This week from London, England.

le Show – September 20, 2009
This Week From New Orleans, LA.


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