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USGBC Knowledge Exchange
The Journey to a Green Campus – Part 3
The third episode of our Journey to a Green Campus series feature’s CalTech’s Jim Cowell as he talks about the renovation of a number of buildings on CalTech’s Campus – including the Robinson Laboratory which dates from the 1930s; and how he envisions eventually having every building on campus LEED certified.

Urban Design Podcast
Effective Website
Effective Website
Over the past decade we have become accustomed to using the Google search to find any information that we need. Yellow and white pages are becoming obsolete. How is your company reacting to this change? Do you have a web site? What is the performance of your web site?

Sustainable Building
SBP004 Jim Hartzfeld, VP SustainableStrategy…

New Urban Architect
#011 – Business Savvy & Good Design: An Interview with Joseph Barnes
How might architects go about getting more involved with their projects at the developer level? What are the keys to a good development team? What factors lead to successful projects in the present economy?In the New Urban Architect Podcast episode #11, architect and developer Joseph Barnes discusses these questions and more.
Joe is the Director of Development for Bundoran Farm, Virginia, and currently serves as Town Architect for Homestead Preserve, Virgina. He has been involved with successful new developments throughout the Southeastern US, including Celebration, I’On, and East Beach.

KunstlerCast #6: Zoning
The Tragic Tale of Zoning Codes
Ya seen one town in America ya seen ’em all. But that’s because they’re all mandated to look that way! James Howard Kunstler tells the tragic story of zoning codes in the United States. At one time, zoning was a rational response to unpleasant conditions of the newly emerging industrial city. But the fanatical level to which zoning became worshiped by public officials has reduced urban planning from an art form to the mere administration of curb cuts, signage and statistical analysis of traffic flow.

KunstlerCast #7: Fate of Flagstaff & Hydrogen Cars
Arizona after cheap oil + Alternative fuel fantasies
A listener from Flagstaff, Ariz. wants to know what fate awaits his town in the post oil future. The verdict from Jim? At least it’s not Phoenix, but most of Flagstaff looks like the service road around Newark Airport. The caller also asks about the new Honda hydrogen fuel cell car, which reminds Jim to bash so-called environmentalist Amory Lovins’ fantasy to keep the motoring scene going at all cots.

KCRW Design and Architecture
L.A. Noire: The Game
Rockstar’s newest video game turns the gamer into a methodical detective in a hyper-realistic recreation of L.A. in 1947. How did they do it and will they please fans?

Designing a ‘Vibe’
Victor Drai, back in LA with a glam new namesake club, on top of the W Hotel, says you can’t have a good nightclub without good design. We speak with Drai and young club designer Christian Schulz about LA clubs and how you go about designing a “vibe.” Also, Glendale looks for a curator of art for its recession-hit storefronts, and structural engineer Nabih Youssef on LA buildings and their readiness for a Chile-scale earthquake.

Apple Worship: Creating a Brand
The Apple brand has become so powerful that its Manhattan store is a tourist landmark. What’s the secret to turning customers into devotees? Andrew Blum and Sasha Strauss join Frances Anderton for a discussion on Apple-worship and the art of branding.

Oil, Plastic and the Stuff that Surrounds Us
Today on DnA, oil, plastic and the stuff that surrounds us. As oil spills into the gulf, we examine our dependence on products derived from petrochemicals, with Chris Lefteri, Sara Banaszak, Carla Denker and Kevin Hanley. Also, a look at an icon of the oil age: the newly renovated LAX Theme Building, with guests Scott Markle, Millard Lee and Alastair Gordon.

Let There Be Shade
Los Angeles is a hot place and the sun can be dangerous, but LA has a puzzling aversion to shade. Find out why with Jane Houlihan, Emily Green, James Rojas and Lorcan O’Herlihy. Also, Christopher Hawthorne and Coralie Garandeau discuss Eli Broad’s latest project and why the French find him fascinating. And Michael Sylvester has the highlights at Dwell On Design.

Burning Down the House
Burning Down The House – Episode 5 – Living In A Modern House
Curtis B. Wayne discusses New York City Architecture and related themes with Oliver E. Allen, journalist, author and historian, and his son Frederick E. Allen also an author and historian.

Building Performance Podcast
Hardcore Performance: interview with Brett Dillon, technical and training superstar.
Hardcore Building Performance: Technicalities, Training and Ten Gallon Hats
Today we talk with Brett Dillon, managing director of IBS Advisors, author of several widespread technical standards and manuals, Texas HERO developer, head of the RESNET Technical Committee, professional wrestler, and performer.

The Approachable Architect
011. approachable architect podcast – eco-renovating with darren moore, ecovations part 2
in this second part of our special two-part podcast, we continue our discussion with eco-mcguyver, darren moore and talk about the importance of the burgeoning industry of home performance inspection as well as the cost of having an inspection performed and the costs associated with a having a retro-fit performed on your existing home. we also discuss his work on television for the “alter eco” show on planet green featuring adrian grenier of HBO’s entourage, and his (hopefully) soon to be upcoming appearance on “let’s make a deal” where he will be giving some lucky audience member a mini-retrofit of their home. darren also talks about his preference to not have a dumpster on a job site as well as why everyone should install a whole house water filtration system in their home. finally, darren discusses working with ed begley’s jr’s organization, for more information on darren moore, please visit

AIA – Architecture Knowledge Review
Understanding and Executing Leadership Strategies
Cable Clarke, Senior Principle Consultant for Human Synergistics International, discusses how individuals and organizations can develop leadership through constructive thinking styles.Contrasting perspective and prescriptive leadership strategies, he examines the qualities of a good leader to the AIA Podcast Network’s Phil Simon, Managing Director, Marketing and Promotion.


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