Library Bookshelf 2

Title Author
Design for Life Sim van der Ryn
Shaping a Nation Carter Wiseman
Glenn Murcutt Francoise Fromonot
Phoenix Central Library Oscar Riera Ojeda
Samuel Mockbee and the Rural Studio
Lies Al Franken
Revolution of Forms John A. Loomis
Design of Cities Edmund N. Bacon
Approach Eleven
Herzog & de Meuron Wilfried Wang
New Directions in American Architecture Robert A.M. Stern
An Inconvenient Truth Al Gore
Snakes & Arrows Rush
The New Architectural Generation Kieran Long
Richard Meier Architect 3 Richard Meier
Richard Meier Architect Richard Meier
Irving J. Gill, Architect Bruce Kamerling
The Show to End All Shows Frank Lloyd Wright
The Repeating Image Eik Kahng
National Airport Terminal Oscar Riera Ojeda
Salmela Architect Thomas Fisher
Hohokam Arts and Crafts Barabara Gronemann
Koning Eizenberg
There: refuse
There: Importing Spectacle
Young Spanish Architects David Cohn
Googie Redux Alan Hess
Building Construction Illustrated Francis D.K. Ching
Studies in Tectonic Culture Kenneth Frampton
Saint Louis Art Museum
Working Details 8 Susan Dawson
MiMa Eric P. Nash & Randall C. Robinson Jr.
William Adair Bernoudy, Architect Osmund Overby
Ralph Rapson Jane King Hession, Rip Rapson, Bruce N. Wright
Context. Innovation. Impact ASU
Jean-Paul Viguier: Architecture 1992-2002 Philip Jodidio
Bruce Graham of SOM
Eero Saarinen Antonio Roman
Static Amy Goodman and David Goodman


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