Contigent Political Canvasser

Arizona Democratic Party

Privately Held; Political Organization industry

January 2003January 2011 (8 years 1 month) State of Arizona

2010 Voter Registration & Get Out The Vote Canvasser:
* Canvassed door to door to register voters
* Canvassed door to door to get out the vote., 2004 Election Day Volunteer, Tucson:
* Coordinated phone banks
* Organized the get out the vote canvass
* Cheered people up at the election night party

2004 Legislative District 5 Field Organizer, Pinetop-Lakeside:
* Traveled the district to encourage Democrats to become elected Precinct Committeemen
* Organized & wrote the By-Laws for the White Mountain Democrats
* Mediated a dispute between the Northern Gila County & Miami-Globe Democratic Clubs
* Collected signatures for Legislative Candidates
* Opened the Gila County Democratic Party Headquarters.

1 visible recommendation for this position


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