CSBA Professionals

Staying Connected

Certified Sustainable Building Advisors are valuable assets to any organization in the business of green building. Our graduates have careers in architecture, development, construction, engineering, planning and even sustainable film set production. Many of our graduates have moved up in their careers because of the CSBA accreditation; others have moved on to careers that are more in line with their goals.

A common comment from our students after they graduate is “I can’t believe it is over! Can we continue to meet?”

Community of CSBAsProject Planning

Our graduates are part of a growing community of CSBAs from coast to coast. Are you a graduate? Here are some ways to connect with others and to keep in touch with those you already know:

  • Join the Sustainable Building Advisor LinkedIn Group.
  • Like us on Facebook!.
  • Sign up for the SBA listserve by sending a blank email to sbanetwork-subscribe@nasbap.org, and we will keep you up to date on things from our end.
  • Download/view the CSBA Graduate Email Directory. (PDF downloads/displays in new window)
  • Check out our Partners page to see special offers for CSBAs.
  • Organize local reunions or field trips with SBA and CSBA graduates in your area—download a list of graduates below.

Professionals listed on the CSBA Graduate Email Directory have completed over 100 classroom hours of training through the Sustainable Building Advisor (SBA) program, and have passed the CSBA Certification Exam.
(Click on logo below. PDF downloads/displays in new window)

Certified Sustainable Building Advisor


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