SBA Institute Description from web site.

The Sustainable Building Advisor Institute offers a national certificate training program for building professionals eager to apply sustainable strategies to the buildings they design, construct, and maintain. The Sustainable Building Advisor (SBA) program welcomes a diverse range of students from architecture and planning firms, engineering companies, developers and contractors, government agencies, research institutions, resource conservation organizations, utilities, and environmental consulting organizations.

Through presentations by expert instructors and guest speakers, team projects, site visits to exemplary projects, and access to the latest in green building resources, the SBA program provides attendees with the information they need to create buildings that are energy and resource efficient, healthy, environmentally responsible, and cost effective.

Graduates earn the designation CSBA, Certified Sustainable Building Advisor.

Certified Sustainable Building Advisor

National Certification

The SBA Certification provides students with tools and resources to accomplish the following:

  • Identify and articulate key sustainable building practices and goals
  • Analyze the costs and benefits of incorporating sustainable building measures
  • Establish competencies in applying LEED™, Built Green™ and other relevant criteria or established guidelines
  • Work with designers, architects, builders, operators, and utilities managers to achieve sustainable goals in their projects
  • Take a leadership position in their organizations and communities in a rapidly growing field

View the SBA Curriculum for a detailed overview of the nine course units.

Graduates completing the course and exam earn the designation of CSBA (Certified Sustainable Building Advisor). Learn more about the benefits of becoming a CSBA.

Village on False Creek, Vancouver BC


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