SBA Program Description from web site.

The SBA Program has been running for over ten years, and is currently offered at 28 locations in North America. Since 1999, over 1250 students have graduated from the course; since 2005, more than 850 graduates have passed the professional exam to earn the credential of Certified Sustainable Building Advisor (CSBA).

The SBA Program is designed to be national and local at the same time. The course is certified nationally and taught locally by experienced professionals, and students benefit from this combination of national development and regional delivery. The national curriculum is updated annually, so instructors have access to up-to-the-moment aspects of green building; in addition, instructors are encouraged to supplement the national curriculum with a regional perspective.

The relationships that result from taking the program are as important as the content of the program. Not only do our students get the opportunity to engage with the accomplished individuals who teach the class, but they also get the opportunity to interact with and learn from like-minded peers from all areas of building: design, construction, operations and maintenance, policy development, etc. In addition to working with each other in class, a number of our graduates have gone on to work together on projects, recommend each other for jobs, and even hire each other. As this community grows, the impact on the built environment grows.

There are no specific prerequisites for the program. All that is required is a desire to learn about high performance, low impact and cost effective buildings. Our students include architects, engineers, realtors, planners, builders, and developers, as well as individuals who are looking to jump-start or change their career.

The Village on False Creek, Vancouver B.C.
The Village on False Creek, Vancouver B.C.
Science World, Vancouver B.C.
Oympic Village, Vancouver B.C.

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