On Becoming a CSBA…

  • “My transition from the technology sector to resource conservation was a combination of work experience, course work, and networking. The SBA course gave me the tools to intelligently discuss sustainable design and energy management with my local contacts in the green energy business. My SBA final project involved the design of an elementary school in Bellevue, WA, which was a great advantage in landing an internship as a Resource Conservation Manager with the Lake Washington School District in nearby Redmond, WA. This practical RCM experience, coupled with the knowledge of integrated design principles from my SBA course work, was instrumental in getting hired in my current position as Jefferson County Resource Conservation Manager.”
    ~ Brian Goldstein, Jefferson County Resource Conservation Manager 2011
  • “This course has had an incredible influence over my life. It has given me the opportunity to really begin to see where my own strengths and weaknesses lay. In addition, it provided me with a path that will allow me to use my skills and be fulfilled as a person.”
    ~ Engineer, Abacus Engineering
  • “I have taken many continuing education courses and seminars, but never have I experienced an instructor and Guest Speakers with such dedication and passion for the subject. Upon learning that several papers would be required in order to successfully complete the course, I admit to being less than enthusiastic. However, the discipline of applying the concepts to our group project proved to be the ideal way to understand how sustainable issues learned in class must be tailored to affect real projects. In the end, organizing my thoughts and writing the papers proved to be an enjoyable process.”
    ~ Architect, Hoshide Williams Architects
  • “The team projects were a great way to focus the learning on practical applications.”
    ~ Sustainability Specialist
  • “I’ve just received my CSBA and must say that it was exactly what I was looking for. Coming from an outside profession, I needed to comprehensive overview of green building. The SBA Program offered this, along with the networking that really helps. Because of the class I am now helping a small Architectural Firm wad through the LEED process for 4 projects.”
    ~ Todd Staheli, CSBA – class of 2007
  • “Over the last 2 years I have been responsible for developing guidelines, providing green building assistance to state projects and reporting to the Governor and legislature on the implementation for ESSB5509, the law that requires LEED Silver certification for all state funded projects. The SBA Program was critical in launching my green building career and in turn has been important in the implementation of our LEED Silver law.”
    ~ Stuart Simpson, CEM, LEED AP, State of WashingtonDept. of General Administration
  • “I came into this program wanting to confirm the things I (thought) already knew. I’m leaving it realizing I’ve only just scratched the surface. I’m not a tree-hugger as some say (not even sure what that is) but I am a realist – when it comes to construction anyways. We have a lot of changes to make in this industry. I’ll be a proud part of the change process.”
    ~ Graduate Vancouver 2009
  • “The SBA Program was an incredible experience for me. The instructors are people you would be lucky to see in a keynote address at a large conference. We got to spend half a day with most of them, and they all offered us their business cards in case we wanted to contact them. There is no price you can put on the relationships that were made in the class. We agreed to stay in touch and get together every few months after graduation. The 9 months went by way too fast.”
    ~ Graduate, Vancouver 2009
  • “Although I was initially anxious about not having a professional background in architecture or engineering, I found great value in the course and felt I was able to make valuable contributions to my team project. My geography background turned out to be surprisingly useful.”
    ~ Graduate, Vancouver 2008
  • It’s Simply the Best!
    “Having taken the classes and exam for 5 different Green Building Certifications, I can assure you that the SBA Program is hands down the most important. Students can expect to leave the course with the ability to fully comprehend all aspects of sustainability through the eyes of the built environment as well as empowered with the desire to share their newly found understanding.”
    ~ Matt Macko, CSBA, LEED AP, HERS, CGBP, Environmental Building Strategies, San Francisco, CA
  • Taught by the ‘Best of the Best’…
    “I found the guest speakers a great source of leading-edge information about what is happening in the green building industry in their particular areas of expertise.”
    ~Paul Kilpatrick, CSBA, Vancouver BC
  • “I have taken many continuing education courses and seminars, but never have I experienced an instructor and guest speakers with such dedication and passion for the subject!”
    ~ Robert I. Hoshide, AIA, Hoshide Williams Architects, Seattle, WA
  • Appealing to all professions…
    “When I first heard about the course I thought the curriculum would be tailored to Architects and Engineers… As a Realtor I didn”t have that background in building, but as I went through the course I saw that anybody – in any field ” would find the program beneficial.”
    ~ Andre Doss, CSBA, CGBP, LEED AP, Realtor – Prudential, CA
  • “The SBA course is essential for government employees who create green building programs for their customers. Public sector employees who permit building developments in their jurisdictions will surely gain a wide-ranging knowledge of green building practices through taking this course. An SBA certification for government employees will also allow them to educate their co-workers – to help build their own green building programs within their jurisdictions.”
    ~ Cynthia Moffit, Project Manager, King County GreenTools, Seattle, WA
  • “I’m amazed and inspired by the outpouring of talent, creativity and forward thinking everyone on our team has contributed to this project….I will say that the class should be mandatory for anyone in the building design profession.”
    ~ Russ Hamlet, Architect, CSBA, Studio Hamlet, Seattle, WA
  • “The program teaches and remind us that there are many ways to contribute to our society, so that we can all live better. The principles learned are applicable to any field. No matter where you live.”
    ~ Tyson Krumholz, CSBA, LEED AP, Senior Project Manager, Webcor
  • Builds incredible connections and a lasting network
    “What was especially valuable was the lens of sustainable critical thinking that the course enabled me to look through. Even more valuable since graduating has been the connections and friendships that I made during the nine month program. Both my classmates and the instructors have been available to provide a variety of insights, information, feedback, and additional questions.”
    ~ Joseph A. Fullerton, Green Building and Environmental Specialist City of Santa Cruz, CA Planning and Community Development
  • “It was great to meet other professionals in the field through the class members and guest lecturers…The other piece that surprised me was how meaningful it became to have a class project that involved community partners. Early on, our group decided that we wanted to use our research, no matter how basic, to help a non-profit. In our desire to “do good” in the community, we received some great feedback and met some very interesting people.”
    ~ Julie Krieg, J.Krieg Architects, Bainbridge Island, WA
  • “I’m amazed and honored that I was in class with these folks. They are really green leaders and I see them in the press in the DJC, in Oregon Business Magazine, and more.”
    ~ Heather McNeil, Sustainable Building Advisor, Greener by Design, Portland, OR
  • Opens doors to new opportunities
    “Since taking this course, I have been asked to take leadership roles in my firm that I never expected at this point in my professional career. The principal of our firm says this is the best investment he’s ever made.”
    ~ Lisa Rosenow, ME, CDi Engineers (Hear more from Lisa on our video!)
  • “Having the CSBA designation has afforded me some interesting and unexpected opportunities, and I have found that it consistently piques interest when seen on my business card or resume.”
    ~ Paul Kilpatrick, CSBA, Vancouver BC
  • “[Through the course] I was able to realize my strengths and weaknesses in green building and improve in each area. I”ve had at least one person say when reviewing my resume that it”s very evident that I am interested in continually growing my green building education, a fact which made that person approach me over someone else for a contracting opportunity.”
    ~ Rebecca Anderson, CSBA, LEED AP, O&M Environmental Specialist, University of California, Berkeley

What are SBA Graduates Doing Now?

  • “I have been hired as the Sustainable Building Specialist for Habitat for Humanity of WA State…My professional standing as a CSBA was, no doubt, an important factor in helping me gain the appointment. It gave me the qualifications to be seriously considered for a position in the field. I was able to approach my interview with confidence and knowledge of the relevant topics. I had been a builder for many years but knew that I needed a more comprehensive understanding of sustainability issues… I can say that the SBA class has been very important in preparing me to more fully understand the current environmental, economic, and social challenges we all face. The course work gave me framework to develop my knowledge, and more accurately, a foundation from which to build on”
    ~ Ed Brown, Sustainable Building Specialist, CSBA, Habitat for Humanity of Washington State, Tacoma, WA (Hear more from Ed on our video!)
  • “Not only am I still running my own green building consultation and project management business, but I am also working for the City of Santa Cruz as a specialist in the green building and environmental programs field. It is the knowledge and connections that I made during my SBA course that I credit for enabling me to expand my business and have an immediate effect in my role here at the City of Santa Cruz.”
    ~ Joseph A. Fullerton, Green Building and Environmental Specialist City of Santa Cruz, CA Planning and Community Development
  • “I’m currently working in the semiconductor industry but my family owns both energy service and construction company in Taiwan/China. With the CSBA certificate, it will definitely be a great help building up my career towards sustainable building.”
    ~ Ryan Wu, San Francisco
  • Combining advocacy and passion to make a difference…
    “This course has enabled me to start Sustainable Contra Costa and Citizens for a Sustainable Walnut Creek… My personal goal is to see that a self supporting Sustainability Commission is added to the Walnut Creek group of Commissions. With the education gained from the SBA Course along with the national certification, I feel armed and ready to work with the city in order to make this happen.”
    ~ Robert Joe, CSBA, LEED AP, San Francisco, CA
  • Attaining prestige in the industry…
    “Since taking the course, I”ve been able to advise my colleagues at work on sustainable building issues much more effectively. I”ve also been able to build a demonstration home using a whole systems design that has gotten the attention of the construction industry and the press. I wouldn”t have been able to do this without the course.”
    ~ Keith Peterson, Senior Research Scientist, Battelle Research Labs
  • Creating growth in current position…
    “As a CSBA, I look for opportunities to inform and nudge our affiliate forward, and my “fluency” relative to terms, resources, etc., as a result of the course comes into play in my position as grant writer and as an on-site volunteer as we look for progressively better ways to make our houses affordable, maintainable and sustainable. It”s a less formal application of those skills than in a job earmarked specifically for that, and at the same time, the knowledge is being used, and I am considered an in-house asset/resource for meeting Evergreen Sustainable Building Standards and looking at achieving Energy Star ratings for our homes. Small simple steps, all good.”
    ~ Sheila Marie, Development Associate, Habitat for Humanity Kitsap County, WA
  • Setting the stage for continued learning…
    “Since graduating from the program in June 2008 I decided to continue my education and get my masters in environmental planning at the University of Hawaii. As a sustainable building advisor I acquired the knowledge needed to fuel my passion for the environment. I feel much more prepared to engage in any discussion on “going green” and as the youngest student in my class I was given the opportunity to interact with my peers, I am extremely proud to be a CSBA and know it will help me achieve my future career goals in the field of environmental planning.”
    ~ Katie Ersback, CSBA, Santa Monica, CA

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