Phoenix College

Certificate, Sustainability, Revit


I enrolled at Phoenix College to take professional development, Certificate non-credit coursework in Revit and sustainability. The Revit class was the first joint venture between the City of Phoenix and AIA Phoenix Metro, a relationship I helped to initiate. It was a boot camp class for professionals that taught the basics and intermediate levels of use. The class asked questions based on their professional experience that went far into advanced levels.

The Sonoran Sustainable Building Adviser Program is a regional sustainability certificate that teaches students how to be Sustainable Building Advisers in their unique region of the planet. Courses focused all all types and phases of planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance, taught by local experts and thought leaders. Team work and class participation are encouraged to further the knowledge base, discussion, implementation and research.

Activities and Societies: Student Union Redesign Forum, Phoenix Mayorial Forum, Sonoran Sustainable Building Adviser Program, AIA Revit Bootcamp

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Training to You

PMP Certification, Project Management, Microsoft Office


A part of Workforce transition, I studied and prepared to take the PMP exam to become a Project Management Professional.

Courses: Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Excel, Project Management, Conducting Effective Meetings.

Activities and Societies: Project Management Institute, Microsoft Product Users Group, Networking Phoenix, Scholarships to You,

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AIA Continuing Education

Maintenance, Architecture


Since joining the American Institute of Architects in 1997 I have been involved in the attending and the planning of continuing education seminars for the above organizations. I attend the: 1997 thru 2003 and the 2006 National Conventions; regional Conventions in 1992, 1999 thru 2002, and 2005;and state conventions in 1999 and 2006 thru 2011. I have severed on the board of AIA New Orleans and as a committee chair for AIA Phoenix Metro, planning educational programs for members. I was an integral member of Associates committees for AIA Houston and St. Louis, where I planned programs for the professional development of Interns and architects. I have planned Associate Member conventions for AIA Arizona and Louisiana, as well as, the Texas Society of Architects, geared towards the professional development of Interns.

Activities and Societies: AIA St. Louis, AIA New Orleans, AIA Louisiana, AIA Houston, Texas Society of Architects, AIA Phoenix Metro, AIA Arizona, AIA Convention, Young Architect’s Forum, Committee on the Environment, Intern/Associates Committee

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Phoenix Workforce Connection

Certificate, Innovation & Job Skills


Coursework and assessment to determine workforce and computer skills to help chart a new career course.

Activities and Societies: Linked In Group

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Washington University in St. Louis

Bachelor of Arts, Architecture, Art & Architectural History, Anthropology, Archeology, Fine Arts


Washington University is a pioneer in the 4 + 2 Pre-Professional + Professional Architectural degree program. Courses meet the NAAB requirements for a Liberal Arts degree with a concentration in Architecture. Through the Bauhaus method of experience through doing, the studio projects have a focus on Urbanism and the revitalization of St. Louis and its inner suburbs. Traveling exhibits, lecturers and a close ties with the School of Art give students a wide variety of views and skills to explore in their studies.

Software: AutoCAD v12 for windows, Photoshop, Pagemaker, Quark, html.
Projects: stools, signboard, columns, House for an Filmmaker, Police Station, Community Recreation Center, Museum of Industrial Culture, A Home for Folklorist, Washington Avenue Dance Center, Riverlands Interpretive Center, Augusta Public Library.

Activities and Societies: AIAS, Student Government, Campus Y, Alternative Spring Break, NOMAS, Into the Streets, College Work Study, KWUR, Approach, Blueline, Dean Search Committee, Norman Moore Endowed Chair Search

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The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Summer Elective Coureses


I took elective courses in Cultural Anthropology, American History and American Literature while still in High School and during the summer between my freshman and sophomore years at Washington University.

Activities and Societies: AP studies

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Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences

High School Diploma, Piadeia Philosophy


Through the use of seminars, The Paideia Philosophy believes that all humans are active learners through 3 Columns of Instruction: didactic, factual information; coaching of skills; and seminar discussions.

Activities and Societies: Deja Vu, Newspaper, Student Government,

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Carnegie Mellon University

Pre-College, Architecture


Six week Pre-College professional major exploration and advanced credit program through the School of Architecture. Courses explored Architectural Studio, Structures, History, free hand drawing and Computer Aided Design and Modeling. Software courses included Mac Paint, Dynaperspective and AutoCAD v11. Projects included a fire training station, fueling station of the future, and an arch bridge for structural testing.

Activities and Societies: Prekie Society,

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