Training to You

1 visible recommendation for this position:

“I had an opportunity to sit in classes with Peter. I found Peter to be both knowledgeable and driven toward getting his skill set adjusted upwards to get back to work in the industry. Peter sought many opportunities to discuss and provide positive reinforcement to all who were in class with him. His experience in his trade and ability to communicate will help him in what ever he pursues. I was greatful to have met Peter and respect his knowledge and networking abilities.” February 21, 2011

1st Robert Green, Student, Training to you,
studied with Peter at Training to You

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Peter Newton while he was pursuing his PMP credential at Training to YOU. As his Career Advancement Partner my job was to oversee his training and insure he completed his courses. Peter impressed me as a person who desires to fully understand the information we presented and then apply it immediately to his own situation. His attendance at all of our Career Workshops let us know he was serious about his job search. I would recommend Peter to any employer looking for a competant and capable manager. He has proven skills and a great work ethic.” January 24, 2011

1st Patty Hilton, Career Advancement Partner, Training to YOU Inc.,
worked directly with Peter

“I have worked with Peter Newton for several months now and find him very sharp and articulate in the area of his expertise of architurchure and professions in general. He has some excellent transferable skills for other industries and know that he will be a good find for the right company and the right position. If I currently had an open position that was a good fit, I would seriously consider Peter for the job. Jeff D. Brown, Career Advancement Consultant @ Staffing To You.” September 29, 2010

1st Jeff D Brown, Career Advancement Consultant, Staffing To You,
worked directly with Peter


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