Anyone up for a walk?

Hopefully, this link will help better connect our community, as well as, add an additional element to our urbanity. I bet, it will be a GREAT place to what July 4th fireworks, though probably not until next year.

Iconic Pedestrian Bridge Takes Shape Over Tempe Town Lake | ENR: Engineering News Record | McGraw-Hill Construction

Nate Riggle • Cool bridge, though I’m dubious of anything created with the goal of being iconic. What I don’t see addressed in the article is sustainability. I guess, perhaps, it promotes walking and bicycling, away from traffic.

MARC Architecture • welders in Coolidge, that’s local. source of steel? where did it come from? doubt it’s recycled. developing a park, definitely is sustainable. it draws development around it, no? like multi-family? “iconic” Jeff K. said that. he ‘labelled’ it. if it is or not….whatever. the newer Mill Ave bridge isn’t. The Ash Ave bridge was, now long gone. the 1932? Mill Bridge, is. that it relates to the PAC, maybe. not a big deal to me. what i dont get is $7m! is that what you get for $7m now? a pedestrian bridge? at $150 sf into $7m you get almost 47,000sf of bldg, huh? ok, dont like that, use $200 sf = 35,000 sf. your tax dollars at work!


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