Maricopa County Resume Program

Peter Michael Newton, Assoc AIA, CSBA

901 E Van Buren St. # 2039

Phoenix, Arizona


Career Highlights :

  • Working knowledge of <what>.
  • Work well in a high pressure environment.
  • Trained in all areas of <what>.
  • Thorough understanding of <what>
  • Talented in <what>.
  • Strong training skills.
  • Strong background in all phases of <what>.
  • Skilled with computer systems and software.
  • Skilled in <what>.
  • Skilled at organizing complex projects, defining project priorities, and delegating tasks.
  • Skilled at encouraging others and developing rapport.
  • Self-starting, goal-oriented strategist whose confidence, perseverance and vision promote success.
  • Self-motivated and assertive.
  • Received <what> award for <what>
  • Scheduled <what> for <whom>.
  • Quickly learn procedures and methods.
  • Proficient in the use of various software packages including <what>.
  • Proficient in all facets of <what>.
  • Professional demeanor.
  • Particular areas of expertise include <what>.
  • Over <how many> years experience in <what>.
  • Major strengths in planning, problem solving and communication.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced in all phases of <what>.
  • Honest, friendly, outstanding communication skills.
  • Highly imaginative with many innovative ideas.
  • Friendly – can get along well with others.
  • Familiar with <what>, <what>, what> and <what>.
  • Extensive experience in <what>.
  • Extensive <what area> experience.
  • Expertise in <area> and <area>.
  • Exercise initiative, achievement and independent judgment.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Excel at directing a cohesive staff in the successful attainment of objectives.
  • Enjoy working with people.
  • Efficient and courteous.
  • Effective communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Dependable – can work without supervision.
  • Demonstrates competence and poise in professional and social settings.
  • Demonstrated record of high performance standards, including attention to schedules, deadlines, budgets and quality work.
  • Demonstrated effective leadership skills.
  • Demonstrated accuracy, attention to detail and ability to work well in team environment.
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with clients.
  • Demonstrated ability to consistently meet deadlines.
  • Dedicated and meticulous.
  • Creative writing skills.
  • Committed to assisting others.
  • Capable of handling multiple projects concurrently.
  • Can work within a set budget and meet or exceed expectations.
  • Can easily break a large project down into smaller pieces, prioritize goals, work under short deadlines without sacrificing creativity.
  • Broad experience as <what>.
  • Bring enthusiasm to team projects and encourage others to develop workable ideas.
  • Articulate and creative, offering innovative and practical solutions.
  • Adept at both oral and written communication.  Interact effectively with individuals of all levels.
  • Achieved consistent client satisfaction.
  • Able to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
  • Able to work independently.
  • Able to visualize solutions to bring about changes.
  • Able to translate ideas into concrete written or visual form to share with others.
  • Able to serve as an agent for others, and trusted to speak on their behalf to accomplish desired results.
  • Able to recognize client needs, and meet them.
  • Able to please customers under all circumstances.
  • Able to follow directions.
  • Able to develop new ideas and processes.
  • Able to develop and implement new systems when necessary.
  • Able to create a workable schedule to meet deadlines efficiently.
  • Able to direct and lead others to produce desired results.
  • Able to work with others toward a team goal.
  • Articulate and creative, offering innovative and practical solutions.
  • An experienced team player, bringing enthusiasm and energy into group efforts.
  • Able to handle multiple projects concurrently.
  • Able to communicate and interact effectively with individuals of all levels.
  • A hands-on professional with a proven record of success.
  • A good morale builder.
  • A <what> with more than <how many> years in <what>.
  • <how many> years of progressive experience and responsibility with documented success in the areas of <what> at various organizational levels.


Experience :

Fourward Architecture                                                                                           Phoenix, Arizona

Entrepreneur                                                                                        November 2009 to  Present

  • Developed and evaluated educational program to ensure conformance to state and school board standards.
  • Developed educational programs through meetings with staff, review of teachers’ activities and issuance of directives.
  • Established relationships with community organizations and other schools to coordinate educational services.
  • Requisitioned and allocated supplies, equipment and instructional material as needed.
  • Directed preparation of class schedules, cumulative records and attendance reports.
  • Facilitated definition of objectives and strategies for the organization.
  • Prepared and presented reports to the board of directors.
  • Spearheaded initiatives to improve communications within the organization.
  • Met regularly with line managers and rank-and-file employees to ensure that management is responsive to their needs.
  • Facilitated definition of objectives and strategies for the organization..
  • Lectured to interested groups to increase public awareness of handicapped citizens’ problems.


Romanoski Glass & Mirror                                                                                     Phoenix, Arizona

Business Development Manager                                                          February 2011 to  July 2011

  • Played a significant role in establishing Sales proposals and marketing presentations.
  • Established and managed a new business initiative to develop strategic partnerships.
  • Created and managed Southwest Regional sales campaign to expand client base in new markets.
  • Responsible for identifying and creating new business opportunities.
  • Managed identification and development of new business ventures.
  • Authored Company’s marketing plan.
  • Utilized competitive industry and business analysis, as well as input from customers, to document market opportunities.
  • Directed the marketing support services, including target identification, proposal generation, pricing strategy and contract negotiation.
  • Participated in trade shows, interfaced directly with customers, and discovered customer issues, requirements, and new markets.
  • Researched and recommended projects to bid on.
  • Designed and implemented a calendar for sales calls, continuing education programs, product literature and samples delivery, and trade show representation.
  • Prepared and presented portfolio presentations at pre-bid qualification meetings.
  • Conferred with market leads in order to discuss possible new accounts and sales promotion campaigns.
  • Reviewed rates and classifications applicable to various types of advertising.
  • Suggested opportunities for publication, such as interviews with reporters and articles describing phases of project activity.
  • Served as establishment representative for Major Industries in the Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland Empire Markets.
  • Structured and maintained a database of completed and under development projects for use in portfolio presentations.
  • Compiled lists of prospective customers for use as sales leads, based on information from newspapers, business directories, Dodge Reports, BidSmart, client Professional Association events, networking events, Construction Reporter, and other sources.
  • Traveled throughout the Southwest to call on regular and prospective customers to solicit orders.
  • Displayed and demonstrated product, using samples, displays, slideshows and catalog, to emphasize salable features.
  • Increased value-added services and competitive advantage by establishing design assist, historic preservation and damage replacement services.


Jacobs Engineering (formerly Carter + Burgess)                                                     Phoenix, Arizona

Architectural Job Captain                                                             September 2007 to August 2009

  • Researched, planned, designed and administered building projects, applying knowledge of design, construction procedures, zoning, building codes and building materials.
  • Executed daily operations of <what>.
  • Wrote, designed and produced <what>.
  • Prepared information regarding design, specifications, materials, color, equipment, estimated costs and construction time.
  • Was instrumental in <what>.
  • Planned layout of projects and integrated engineering elements into unified designs for clients’ review and approval.
  • Trained and managed <how many> <what> and achieved significant improvements in their productivity.
  • Prepared scale drawings and contract documents for building contractors.
  • Supervised and managed <what> for a <what kind of> firm.
  • Supervised <how many> employees, scheduled work hours, resolved conflicts, determined salaries.
  • Successfully managed a <how many>-person team <doing what>.
  • Used computer-assisted design software and equipment to prepare project designs and plans.
  • Structured and maintained a <what>.
  • Planned activities of designated projects to ensure that objectives were accomplished within prescribed time frame and funding parameters.
  • Established work plan and staffing for each phase of project and arranged for recruitment and assignment of project personnel.
  • Conferred with project staff to outline workplan and to assign duties, responsibilities and scope of authority.
  • Directed activities of project personnel to ensure project progressed on schedule and within prescribed budget.
  • Prepared project reports for management, clients and others.
  • Conferred with project personnel to provide technical advice and to resolve problems.
  • Coordinated project activities with activities of government regulatory and other governmental agencies.
  • Reviewed product design for compliance with engineering principles, company standards, customer contract requirements and related specifications.
  • Evaluated and approved design changes, specifications and drawing releases.
  • Restructured and improved <what>.
  • Responded to written and telephone requests for <what>.
  • Prepared working plans and detailed drawings from rough or detailed sketches and notes for engineering and manufacturing purposes, according to dimensional specifications.
  • Executed daily operations of <what>.
  • Calculated and laid out dimensions, angles, curvature of parts, materials to be used, relationship of one part to another and relationship of various parts to entire structure or project.
  • Created preliminary and final sketches of proposed drawings, using standard drafting techniques and devices such as drawing board, T-square, protractor and drafting machine, and using computer-assisted design and drafting equipment.
  • Modified drawings as directed by engineer and architect.
  • Consulted with clients to determine functional and spatial requirements of new structures and renovations.
  • Prepared information regarding design, specifications, materials, color, equipment, estimated costs and construction time.
  • Planned layout of project and integrated engineering elements into unified design for clients’ review and approval.
  • Trained <who> in <doing what>.
  • Administered construction contracts and conducted periodic on-site observation of work during construction to monitor compliance with plans.
  • Prepared operating and maintenance manuals, studies and reports.
  • Drew rough and detailed sketches, drawings and plans to scale.
  • Made tracings of finished drawing on semitransparent paper from which blueprints were made.
  • Utilized plans and drawings for engineering and manufacturing purposes.
  • Used standard drafting techniques and devices such as drawing board, T-square, protractor and drafting machine.
  • Structured and maintained a <what>.
  • Copied plans and drawings prepared by drafter.
  • Determined relationship of one part to another and relationship of various parts to entire structure.
  • Utilized knowledge of engineering practices, mathematics, building materials, manufacturing technology and related physical sciences.
  • Made simple sketches and drawings under close supervision.
  • Drafted wiring diagrams, layout drawings, mechanical detail drawings and drawings of intermediate and final assemblies for manufacture, assembly, installation and repair of electronic components, printed circuit boards and equipment.
  • Examined electronic schematics and supporting documents received from design engineering department to develop, compute and verify specifications and drafting data, such as configuration of parts, dimensions and tolerances.
  • Modified drawings as directed.
  • Produced plans and details of foundations, building frame, floor and roof framing and other structural elements.
  • Directed, developed and administered state governmental programs for assessment of environmental impact of proposed recreational projects.
  • Directed assessment of environmental impact and preparation of impact statements required for final evaluation of proposed actions.
  • Directed identification and analysis of alternative proposals for handling projects in an environmentally sensitive manner.
  • Designed and directed special studies to obtain technical environmental information regarding planned projects such as regional engineering offices, park region laboratories and other governmental agencies.
  • Attended meetings and represented department on subjects related to programs.
  • Directed the preparation of reports and legal descriptions of land.
  • Coordinated work with legal, engineering, architectural and other staff on project.
  • Directed survey parties and projects.
  • Reviewed and certified completed work to satisfy legal requirements.
  • Wrote and directed the writing of descriptions of land.
  • Satisfied legal requirements according to standard surveying practices.
  • Prepared detailed shop drawings in scale and full size from blueprints.
  • Showed methods of construction and upholstering then indicated sizes and kinds of material to be used.
  • Conducted studies and prepared reports.
  • Advised administrators on feasibility, cost-effectiveness and regulatory conformance of proposals for special projects and ongoing programs in such fields as transportation, conservation and health care.
  • Consulted with administrators and planning councils to discuss overall intent of programs and projects.
  • Determined broad guidelines for studies, utilizing knowledge of subject area, research techniques and regulatory limitations.
  • Evaluated environmental impact statements, construction specifications and budget and staffing estimates to determine additional data requirements.
  • Conducted field investigations, economic and public opinion surveys, demographic studies and other research.
  • Organized data from all sources, using statistical methods to ensure validity of materials.
  • Evaluated information to determine feasibility of proposals and to identify factors requiring amendments.
  • Developed alternate plans for program or project, incorporating recommendations, for review of officials.
  • Reviewed plans and proposals submitted by other governmental planning commissions and private organizations to assist in formulation of overall plans for region.
  • Drafted the laying out of the location of buildings, planning of arrangements in offices, large rooms, store buildings and factories.
  • Painted and washed colored drawings when required.
  • Specialized in the drawing of plans for the installation of plumbing equipment.
  • Drew plans for the installation of heating, air-conditioning and ventilating equipment.
  • Calculated heat loss and heat gain for buildings for use in determining equipment specifications.
  • Planned and formulated engineering program.
  • Organized project staff according to project requirements.
  • Reviewed product design for compliance with engineering principles and company standards.
  • Coordinated activities concerned with technical developments.
  • Scheduled and resolved engineering design and test problems.
  • Directed integration of technical activities and products.
  • Evaluated and approved design changes, specifications and drawing releases.
  • Prepared interim and completion project reports.
  • Reviewed occupancy reports to ensure that applications, selection of tenants and assignment of dwelling units were in accordance with rules and regulations.
  • Prepared operational budget requests, received accounts for funds and disbursed funds.
  • Planned long range schedule of major repairs on units, such as reroofing and painting exterior of dwellings.
  • Requisitioned furnishings and furniture for housing units.
  • Cleaned walls, floors, ceilings and structural members of buildings, using steam-cleaning equipment, brooms and scrapers.
  • Removed spillage and overflow of materials being processed or manufactured, with shovel and rake.
  • Supervised <how many> employees, scheduled work hours, resolved conflicts, determined salaries.


Cawley Architects                                                                                                   Phoenix, Arizona

Project Manager                                                                                 April 2005 to September 2007

  • Coordinated work of various departments to produce radio and television programs and commercial announcements.
  • Executed daily operations of <what>.
  • Trained, assigned duties and supervised employees engaged in production and taping such programs as game shows, talk broadcasts and special programs.
  • Oversaw coordination of various aspects of production, such as audio work, scenes, music, timing, camera work and script writing.
  • Gave instructions to staff to schedule broadcast, develop and coordinate details to obtain desired production.
  • Reviewed production to ensure objectives were attained.
  • Represented television network, acting as liaison to independent producer of television series produced for network broadcast.
  • Reviewed budget and expenditures for programs and commercial productions for conformance to budgetary restrictions.
  • Coordinated audio work, scenes, music, timing, camera work and script writing, to develop desired production and review production to ensure objectives were obtained.
  • Planned office activities and work projects.
  • Assigned unit supervisory personnel responsibility for carrying out and completing specific projects and duties.
  • Coordinated activities of various office units in order to provide designated functions and services with minimum delay and optimum efficiency and accuracy.
  • Informed supervisory personnel of changes,  interpretations of laws, codes, programs, policies and procedures.
  • Conducted staff meetings for dissemination of pertinent information.
  • Coordinated the activities of clerical personnel.
  • Evaluated office production, revised procedures and devised new forms in order to improve efficiency of workflow.
  • Established uniform correspondence procedures and style practices.
  • Planned office layouts and initiated cost reduction programs.
  • Prepared activities reports for guidance of management.
  • Compiled data and analyzed past and current year training requirements in order to prepare budgets and justify funds requested.
  • Formulated training policies and schedules.
  • Utilized individual training, group instruction, lectures, on-the-job training, demonstrations, conferences, meetings and workshops.
  • Organized and developed training manuals, reference library, testing and evaluation procedures, multimedia visual aids and other educational materials.
  • Coordinated established courses with technical and professional courses offered by community schools.
  • Screened, tested, counseled and recommended employees for educational programs, for promotion or transfer.
  • Negotiated with community, business and public utility representatives to eliminate obstacles to land purchase, development, sale and lease.
  • Supervised preparing of  lease agreements and  recording of rental receipts.
  • Performed research on zoning ordinances and condemnation considerations.
  • Authorized maintenance of company properties not under control of operating departments, such as dwellings, hotels and commissaries.
  • Evaluated and promoted industrial-development potential of company properties.
  • Negotiated contracts with sellers of land and renters of properties.
  • Coordinated activities of land development company.
  • Negotiated with representatives of real estate, private enterprise, industrial organizations and community leaders to acquire and develop land.
  • Prepared statistical abstracts to reveal trends in tax rates in given communities and proportion of total work force having specified skills.
  • Oversaw activities of field staff engaged in sampling mineral deposits, surveying land boundaries and testing water supply to determine optimum usage of land.
  • Managed and coordinated daily sales activities.
  • Reviewed market analyses in order to determine customer needs, volume potential, price schedules and discount rates.
  • Developed sales campaigns in order to accommodate goals of company.
  • Represented company at trade association meetings to promote product.
  • Assisted other departments within establishment to prepare manuals and technical publications.
  • Directed product research and development.
  • Responded to written and telephone requests for <what>.


Rob Paulus Architect                                                                                             Tucson, Arizona

Architectural Technician                                                                      February 2003 to June 2003

  • Sold architectural and engineering supplies, such as protractors, slide rules, triangles and T-squares, to business and industrial establishments.
  • Compiled lists of prospective customers for use as sales leads, based on information from newspapers, business directories and other sources.
  • Traveled throughout assigned territory to call on regular and prospective customers and to solicit orders.
  • Displayed and demonstrated product, using samples and catalog.
  • Helped determine precise location and measurements of points, elevations, lines, areas and contours.
  • Used measurements for construction, mapmaking, land division, titles and mining.
  • Researched previous survey evidence, maps, deeds, physical evidence and other records to obtain data needed for surveys.
  • Developed new data from photogrammetric records.
  • Determined methods and procedures for establishing and reestablishing survey control.
  • Kept accurate notes, records and sketches to describe and certify work performed.
  • Coordinated findings with work of engineering and architectural personnel, clients and others concerned with project.
  • Displayed and explained features of company house plans using such visual aids as brochures, architectural drawings, samples of construction materials and photographic slides.
  • Planned, designed and furnished interior environments of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Conferred with client in order to determine architectural preferences.
  • Determined purpose and function of environment, budget, types of construction, equipment and other factors affecting planning interior environments.
  • Integrated findings with knowledge of interior design.
  • Formulated environmental plan to be practical, esthetic and conducive to intended purposes.
  • Raised productivity and improved life style of occupants.
  • Advised client on interior design factors.
  • Factors included space planning, layout and the utilization of furnishings and equipment, color schemes and color coordination.
  • Rendered design ideas in the form of paste ups, drawings and illustrations.
  • Selected designs and purchased furnishings, art works and accessories.
  • Estimated material requirements and costs and presented design to client for approval.


Watkins Hamilton Ross Architects                                                                           Houston, Texas

Architectural Intern                                                                       September 2000 to August 2002

  • Interpreted and analyzed architectural plans and diagrams.
  • Prepared material lists and specifications to be used as standards by plant employees and contracting personnel in material processing.
  • Observed and made notes on material processing.
  • Determined material and material processing specifications, specifications for manufacturing and construction activities.
  • Wrote technical descriptions specifying material qualities and properties.
  • Utilized knowledge of material standards, industrial processes and manufacturing procedures.
  • Drew rough sketches and arranged for finished drawings and photographs to illustrate specified materials.


The Mathes Group (currently Mathes-Brierre Architects)                                 New Orleans, Louisiana

        Architectural Intern                                                                                  March 1999 to June 2000

  • Discussed house or site operation with governing body representatives in order to form and change policies.
  • Maintained roster of volunteer guides and contacted volunteers in order to conduct tours of premises according to schedule.
  • Conducted tours, explaining points of interest and answering visitor questions.
  • Studied documents, books and other materials to obtain information concerning history of site or structure.
  • Conducted classes in tour presentation methods for volunteer guides.
  • Accepted group reservations for house tours and special social events.
  • Arranged for refreshments, entertainment and decorations for special events.
  • Collected admission and special event fees.
  • Maintained records of receipts, expenses and numbers of persons served.
  • Assisted in planning publicity and arranged for the printing of brochures and the placement of information in media.
  • Inspected premises for evidence of deterioration and need for repair, then notified governing body of such need.
  • Coordinated personnel engaged in investigating, acquiring, marking, improving and preserving historic sites and natural phenomena.
  • Provided information to private individuals and civic groups attempting to acquire landmarks not considered feasible for state acquisition.
  • Directed design, preparation and installation of museum exhibits and historical markers.
  • Directed workers engaged in the preparation of brochures, exhibits, maps, photographs and similar materials.
  • Served as custodian of historic documents acquired during research efforts.


Olde New Orleans Design Group, Inc.                                                                   Harvey, Louisiana

Architectural Draftsman                                                                      October 1998 to March 1999

  • Reviewed work orders and procedural manuals to determine critical dimensions of designs.
  • Operated computer-aided design system and peripheral equipment to resize and modify integrated circuit designs and to generate computer tape of artwork for use in producing mask plates for manufacturing integrated circuits.
  • Located files relating to specified designs in data base library and loaded programs into computer.
  • Entered specified commands into computer, using keyboard, to retrieve design information from files and display designs on equipment display screen.
  • Typed commands on keyboard to enter resizing specifications into computer.
  • Conferred with engineering and design staff to determine design modifications and entered editing information into computer.
  • Keyed in specified information, using keyboard connected to on-line and off-line peripheral equipment  to produce graphic representations of designs for review and approval by engineering and design staff.
  • Applied engineering principles to design, modify, and develop facilities, testing, machines, equipment, and processes used in processing and manufacturing products.
  • Determined feasibility of designing new plant equipment or modifying existing facilities, considering costs, available space, time limitations, company planning and other technical and economic factors.
  • Provided technical information concerning manufacturing and processing techniques, materials, properties and process advantages and limitations which affected long-range plant and product engineering planning.
  • Compiled and analyzed operational, test and research data to establish performance standards for newly designed and modified equipment.
  • Studied engineering and technical publications to keep abreast of technological changes and developments in industry.
  • Developed comprehensive plans and programs for utilization of land and physical facilities of cities, counties and metropolitan areas.
  • Compiled and analyzed data on economic, social and physical factors affecting land use.
  • Prepared and requisitioned graphic and narrative reports on data.
  • Conferred with local authorities, civic leaders, social scientists, land planning and development specialists to recommend arrangements of land and physical facilities for residential, commercial, industrial and community uses.
  • Recommended governmental measures affecting land use, public utilities, community facilities, housing and transportation to control and guide community development and renewal.
  • Drew rough layouts and sketches.
  • Assigned draft work and directed subordinate drafting workers.
  • Sketched layout according to design proposal and standard specifications and practices.
  • Assigned drafting of detailed drawings to subordinate personnel.
  • Verified accuracy and completeness of finished drawings.
  • Inspected buildings and office areas to evaluate suitability for occupancy considering such factors as lighting, location and size.
  • Planned utilization of facilities for government agency consistent with requirements of organizational efficiency, available facilities and funds.
  • Measured and directed workers engaged in measurement of facilities to determine total square footage available for occupancy.
  • Computed square footage available for each member of staff to determine whether minimum space restrictions can be met.
  • Drew design layout showing location of furniture, equipment, doorways, electrical and telephone outlets.
  • Reviewed real estate contracts for compliance with government specifications and suitability for occupancy of employing agency.
  • Directed workers engaged in moving furniture and equipment and preparing facilities for occupancy.


Christner, Inc.                                                                                                      Clayton, Missouri

Architectural Intern                                                                          September 1996 to June 1998

  • Gathered property assessment data at owner premises, verified data against previously recorded data and recorded discrepancies.
  • Visited property, observed premises and conferred with owner to collect and verify property assessment data, using data cards as guides.
  • Measured and recorded size of land boundaries and house, using tape measure.
  • Recorded type of exterior coverings and physical condition of exterior and interior of house.
  • Counted and recorded number of bathrooms, stoves and fireplaces.
  • Verified findings against recorded data and noted discrepancies.
  • Examined telephone transmission facilities to determine equipment requirements for providing subscribers with new and additional telephone services.


Education :


Training To You                                                                                                    Phoenix, Arizona

PMP Certification                                                                                                                  2011

  • Significant courses included: <what>.
  • Relevant Coursework included <what>.
  • Over <how many> hours of training on <what>.
  • Enrolled in advanced courses in <what>.
  • Degree expected <when>.
  • Area of concentration: <area>.
  • Additional courses in <what>.


Sonoran Sustainable Building Adviser Program                                                      Phoenix, Arizona

Certified Sustainable Building Adviser                                                                                  2011

  • Special recognition in <what>.
  • Relevant Coursework included <what>.
  • Over <how many> hours of training on <what>.
  • Graduated in the upper <%> of the class.
  • As a senior project, designed a <what> for <what>.
  • Area of concentration: <area>.


Phoenix Workforce Connection                                                                             Phoenix, Arizona

Workforce Readiness Program                                                                                              2010

  • Special recognition in <what>.
  • Significant courses included: <what>.
  • Area of concentration: <area>.


Phoenix College                                                                                                   Phoenix, Arizona

AIA Phoenix Metro Revit Bootcamp                                                                                       2010

  • Special recognition in <what>.
  • Over <how many> hours of training on <what>.
  • Area of concentration: <area>.


Washington University in St. Louis                                                                      St. Louis, Missouri

Bachelor’s of Arts Major in Architecture

  • Special recognition in <what>.
  • Significant courses included: <what>.
  • Served as president of <organization>.
  • Major in <what>; Minor in <what>.
  • Financed studies by part-time work at <where>.
  • Enrolled in advanced courses in <what>.
  • As a senior project, designed a <what> for <what>.


University of Tennessee at Chattanooga                                                    Chattanooga, Tennessee

Liberal Arts Elective Courses

  • Additional courses in <what>.
  • Enrolled in summer programs in <what>.
  • Relevant Coursework included <what>.


Carnegie Mellon University                                                                        Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pre-College Exploration Program in Architecture

  • Significant courses included: <what>.
  • Relevant Coursework included <what>.
  • Enrolled in summer programs in <what>.
  • Coursework toward a <degree> degree in <what>.


Affiliations :


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