Be Prepared: The End and the Beginning

At this year’s Grassroots Conference, one of the most stimulating presentations heard by your President and President-Elect was one made, not by an architect, but by an expert in computer technology, Arthur Esch. The theme, as will be the theme of his lecture at the Design Conference, was “Preparing for the Year 2000.” In it, he prepared us all for the potential hazards of the Y2K bug, both to ourselves and to our clients, with dramatic visuals and an interactive style that kept us all on the (l)edges of our seats and often convulsed in laughter.

Mr. Esch built the first digital television network, holds key U.S. patents for building multimedia networks, and is the Chief Technology Officer of the American Institute of Architects, strategizing the Institute’s networks of the future.

He begins our conference in a session you will not forget and is on point for our theme “On the Ledge” as we approach the end/beginning of the millennium.


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