Linked In Honors and Awards Update

Honors and Awards

  • Delegate to Council of Presidents

    AIAS Washington University Chapter
    • November 1993
    • Washington University in St. Louis

    * Selected to represent the chapter at the AIAS ’93 Desert Forum in Phoenix.
    * Reviewed and voted of policy for the national organization and attended special tours of Arcosanti, Cosanti and Taliesin.
    * Reported events to the Chapter upon return.

  • Delegate to AIA National Convention

    AIA New Orleans
    • May 2000
    • The Mathes Group

    * Selected to be a delegate to the AIA National Convention.
    * Represented the views of AIA New Orleans in the elections of the 2001 National leadership and policies.
    * Voted in these momentous elections.

  • Board Member at Large

    Democrats of Greater Tucson
    • January 2004
    • Dean for America

    Elected to the board of the Democrats of Greater Tucson by the membership of the political club.

  • YAF St. Louis 1997 Biannual Exhibition

    Young Architect’s Forum
    • 1997
    • Christner Inc.

    Submitted 2 paintings for exhibition. Both were exhibited and placed on display at the St. Louis Art’s Guild.

  • Intern/Associate Director

    AIA New Orleans
    • 2000
    • The Mathes Group

    * Elected to the office of Intern/Associate Director.
    * Developed programs for Architectural Interns to assist them in their professional growth and become licensed architects and members of the AIA.
    * Designed graphics to advertise for programs.

  • Studio Critic

    Prairie View A&M University School of Architecture
    • 2001
    • Watkins Hamilton Ross Architects

    Invited by a colleague at Watkins Hamilton Ross Architects to participate in the final studio reviews of his class at Prairie View A&M.

  • Structural Integrity

    CANstruction Houston
    • 2001
    • Watkins Hamilton Ross Architects

    * Constructed a sculpture of can goods to fight hunger.
    * Modified the design of the structure to allow it to stand.

  • Michael Myers Competition Juror

    AIA Houston
    • 2002
    • Watkins Hamilton Ross Architects

    Juried the Michael Myers Competition, an architectural competition for high school students.

  • Charette: Home Honorable Mention

    Rice Design Alliance
    • 2002
    • Watkins Hamilton Ross Architects

    * Participated in a charette concerning homelessness.
    * Proposed a flexible tower that could be built out or deconstructed, as needed, to provide housing. The tower would serve as a measure as to the amount of homelessness in the Houston area.

  • Gold Hammer Award

    PSI Homesavers
    • 2002
    • Watkins Hamilton Ross Architects

    * Organized a committee of Architectural Interns through AIA Houston to weatherize homes in Houston.
    * Awarded for going above and beyond in our efforts to provide a safe and weatherized home.

  • Chapter of the Year Award

    AIA National Associates Committee
    • 2002
    • Watkins Hamilton Ross Architects

    * AIA Houston Associates Committee was awarded the inaugural “Chapter of the Year Award” for their efforts to assist Interns learn about IDP, the ARE, and gain professional training.
    * Organized the PSI Homesavers community service activity
    * Organized construction tours of prominent Houston projects in development.
    * Lectured to Associate Members, students and professionals, about the “Road…more

  • Chair, Phoenix Section Committee

    AIA Phoenix Metro
    • October 2009

    * Established and furthered relationships with various City of Phoenix Departments.
    * Scheduled programs to assist the City and the Membership in creating successful projects.
    * Organized member led tours to celebrate the creation of successful and innovative architectural projects.

  • Advocacy Committee Vice-Chair

    USGBC Arizona Central Branch
    • January 2009
    • USGBC Arizona Central Branch

    * Served as Chair when the Chair was not able to attend.
    * Represented the committee on the USGBC Arizona Chapter Central Branch General Circle
    * Participated in the USGBC National Advocacy monthly conference call.


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