Linked In Volunteer Experience Update

Volunteer Experience

  • Intern/Associate Committee Event Organizer

AIA Houston

    • Arts and Culture
    September 2000 August 2002 (2 years)

    * Organized a construction lecture & tour series of major projects in Houston, including Reliant Stadium.
    * Lectured on the Road to Registration at High Schools, Colleges, Architecture Firms, Conferences and AIA meetings.
    * Organized a team of volunteers to repair and weatherize homes for PSI Homesavers.
    * Developed Professional Development programs in accordance with IDP.
    * Designed award winning submission for the First National Associates Committee Chapter of the Year Award.

  • Event Programmer

  • AIA Arizona

    • Arts and Culture
    September 2005 present (6 years 6 months)

    * Planned and Organized 1st Annual AIA Arizona Associates State Conference, and assisted in planning subsequent Associate Conferences.
    * Organized Eco-Month events for the Committee on the Environment.
    * Organized fundraisers through the ArchiPAC for Gubernatorial and Mayor of Phoenix Candidates Terry Goddard and Greg Stanton, respectively.

  • Phoenix Section Programs Director

  • AIA Phoenix Metro

    • Arts and Culture
    May 2005 present (6 years 10 months)

    * Developed educational programs concerning regulatory changes, Stimulus funding, and construction tours.
    * Coordinated a Stimulus funded Revit Boot camp training program at Phoenix College for members.
    * Developed programs to foster discussion about the future of design and planning in Phoenix.

  • Conference Planner

  • Texas Society of Architects

    • Arts and Culture
    October 1999 October 2002 (3 years 1 month)

    * Planned and spoke at the Intern/Associate Committee Conference in Austin.
    * Spoke at 3 Texas Society of Architects Annual Conferences for the Intern/Associate Committee programs.
    * Advised Intern/Associate Committees on programs throughout Texas

  • Communications Director

  • AIA New Orleans

    • Arts and Culture
    November 1998 June 2000 (1 year 8 months)

    * Designed, Wrote and Published the Chapter Newsletter, Bulletins and Meeting Notices.
    * Collaborated in the re-development of the Chapter web site
    * Selected the Times-Picyaune “50 Architectural Gems of the 20th Century”

  • Conference Planner

  • AIA Louisiana

    • Arts and Culture
    March 1999 June 2000 (1 year 4 months)

    * Programmed the 1st Intern Interactive Conference at the AIA Louisiana 1999 “On the Ledge” conference in New Orleans.
    * Designed the registration graphics package for attendees.
    * Planned the 2nd Intern Interactive Conference in Baton Rouge.

  • Tour Organizer

  • AIA St. Louis

    • Arts and Culture
    October 1996 October 1998 (2 years 1 month)

    * Organized and gave historic neighborhood walking tours to showcase the significant contributions St. Louis has made to architecture and urban design.
    * Engaged the AIA with organizations and discussions interested in the urban vitalization of the City of St. Louis.
    * Organized and participated in the “Reviving Our Faded Heart” Charette in the Fall of 1997.
    * Composed the AIA St. Louis letter of support for the renovation of the Lenox and Statler Hotels to become the new Convention Center hotel and spur the current development along Washington Avenue.


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