Department Stores I have shopped at

  • J Magnin, Los Angeles (merged into Macy’s)
  • The Broadway, Los Angeles (merged into Macy’s)
  • Henchey’s, Santa Monica, California (bankrupt)
  • Robinson’s, Los Angeles (merged with May Company, later into Macy’s)
  • Robinson’s – May, Los Angeles (Phoenix, Tucson) (merged into Macy’s)
  • Bullock’s Wilshire, Los Angeles (merged into Macy’s)
  • Mervyn’s, California (Many) (Bankrupt)
  • Macy’s, New York (many)
  • Nordstrom’s, Seattle (San Diego, Phoenix)
  • Broadway Southwest, Las Vegas (a part of Broadway, merged into Macy’s)
  • Nieman-Marcus, Dallas (St. Louis, Atlanta, Phoenix, Houston)
  • Sak’s Fifth Avenue, New York (Minneapolis, St. Louis, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Houston, Phoenix)
  • Dillard’s, Arkansas (many)
  • Sears, Chicago (many)
  • JC Penny, Texas (many)
  • Foley’s, Houston (merged into Macy’s)
  • Lord & Taylor, New York (St. Louis, Atlanta, DC, New Orleans) (A part of May Company, spun loose when May merged with Macy’s)
  • Famous Barr, St Louis (merged with Macy’s)
  • The March Store, Kansas City
  • Brett’s, Mankato, Minnesota (bankrupt)
  • Donaldson’s, Minneapolis (merged with Carson Prairie Scott, went bankrupt)
  • Dayton’s, Minneapolis (merged with Marshal Field’s, later Macy’s)
  • Dayton – Hudson’s, Minneapolis (merged with Marshal Field’s, later Macy’s)
  • Carson Parie Scott, Chicago (Minneapolis) (Bankrupt)
  • The Boston Store, Milwaukee
  • Marshall Field’s, Chicago (Houston, Minneapolis) (merged with Macy’s)
  • Miller’s, Chattanooga (merged with Hess’s, later Proffit’s)
  • Loveman’s, Chattanooga (merged with Proffit’s)
  • Proffitt’s, Maryville, Tennessee (Chattanooga)
  • Parisian, Birmingham (Chattanooga + Atlanta) (merged with Proffitt’s)
  • Casser – Knott, Nashville (merged with Dillard’s or Macy’s)
  • Cain – Sloan, Nashville (merged with Dillard’s or Macy’s)
  • Rich’s, Atlanta (Merged with Macy’s)
  • Davidson’s, Atlanta (a part of Macy’s)
  • Belk’s, Charolette (Chattanooga)
  • Montgomery Ward’s (DC) (bankrupt)
  • Kaufman’s, Pittsburgh (merged with Macy’s)
  • Horne’s, Pittsburgh (merged with Macy’s)
  • Gimball’s, Pittsburgh (bankrupt)
  • Wanamaker’s, Philadelphia (merged with Macy’s)
  • Hecht’s, DC (merged with Macy’s)
  • Woodward & Laupher, DC (went bankrupt and merged with Macy’s)
  • Garfinkel’s, DC (bankrupt)
  • I Magin, San Francisco (DC) (merged with Macy’s)
  • Maison Blanche, New Orleans (merged with Dillard’s)

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