Get to know your local architects better: St. Louis

This starts a series of posts on architects that I have had an interest in over the years. Many were known in their time, but have been forgotten because they are not in the media centers of the US. This post starts in St. Louis, where I completed my undergraduate work in architecture at Washington University. I interacted with these architects through their work through experience, not studies at school, that is for a different post. In later posts, I will revisit some of these architects to discuss their work further and why I took an interest in it. But, a list to begin with:

architect                                                style

Harris Armstrong – modern/International
Ed Mutrux – moderne
William Adair Bournoudy – Wrightian
Fredrick Dunn – moderne
Murphy + Mackey – Saarinen

Theodore Link – City Beautiful/ecletic

Thomas Annan – Richardsonian Romanesque

Barnett – Neo-Classical/City Beautiful

Eames + Young – City Beautiful/Chicago Commercial

Hellmuth Obata + Kassabaum (HOK) – Early work was International/Expressive, while later work was corporate and PoMo

Mauran, Russell & Garden, Sheply,Rutan & Coolige St. Louis office – City Beautiful/Chicago Commercial

Mauran, Russell & Crowell – City Beautiful/Chicago Commercial

William B Ittner – City Beautiful/Schools/eclectic

Louis Sullivan, Chicago – City Beautiful/Organic

Howard C Crane, Detroit – City Beautiful/Theater

William Rumbold – Domes

Alfred Mullet, Washington, DC – 2nd Empire

Cass Gilbert, Minnesota – City Beautiful/Neo-Classical

Klipstien & Rathman – City Beautiful/national-Classicism

Allied Works, Portland – Morbius Strip

Tadao Ando, Japan – Zen

HH Richardson, Boston – Romanesque

Fumahiko Maki, Japan, but once a professor at Wash U, who has his first building – Modern

Jaimeson & Spearl, St. Louis office of Cope & Stewardson – Neo-Gothic

Cope & Stewardson, Philadelphia – Collegiate Gothic

Buckminster Fuller – Tynsegrity

Rand Elliot, Oklahoma City – Material

Gould Evans, Kansas City – Midwest Modern

Herbert Lewis Kruise Blunk (HLKB), Des Moine – Prairie Modern

Kennedy & Associates – Industrial

Mackey Mitchell Architects – PoMo Eclectic

The Lawrence Group – eclectic

Pierce Turner Nickeliviovich – Prairie Modern

Lienweber, Yamasski + Hellmuth – modern

Powers Bowersox – prairie modern

Alfred Adelot, Memphis – Brutalism

Oculus – Prairie Modern

Randy Brown – Prairie Decon

Don Royse – Prairie Carftsman

Carl Safe – Prairie PoMo

Rubio + Durham – Modern

Luchin AD – Prairie Thoery

Isadore Shank – Prairie Californian

Wells Woodburn O’Neil, Des Moise – Prairie Modern

Christner, Inc – Prairie modern

Weese Langly Weese, Chicago – Prairie PoMo

Hardy Holtzman Pfiefer, New York – Super Graphics

Mitchell Gurgola, Philadelphia – Minimal PoMo

Kevin Roche, New Haven – Environmental

Elliel Saarinien, Cranbrook – Finnish Moderne

Johnson Burgee, New York – Modern

IM Pei, New York – Sculptural

Erich Mendelson – Expressionism

Harvey Ellis – Loire Valley

Berkibile Neilson I M, Kansas City – Environmental

Schwartz + Van Hofen – Structural Expressionism

Harry Weese, Chicago – Mass

Ceaser Pelli, New Haven – PoMo

Fox Architects – Interiors

Randy Croxton, New York – Environment

Louis Sauer – Prairie

Robert Ventrui, Philadelphia – Super Graphics

Richard Meier, New York – Modern

John Johanson, New Canaan – Structural Expressionism

Stanley Saitowitz, San Francisco – Geomorphic

Thompson Ventulett Steinbeck (TVS), Atlanta – Structural Expressionism

Charles Renee Mackintosh, Edinburugh – Arts + Crafts

Charles Eames – Moderne

Samuel Marx, Chicago – Streamline

Kalmath McKinnell and Wood, Boston – PoMo

Skidmore Owings and Merrill (SOM), Chicago – Miesian

Beebe Babcock Beebe, Chicago – PoMo

Murphy Jahn, Chicago – PoMo

Caudill Rowlett Scott (CRS), Houston – Schools

Gunar Birkets, Ann Arbor – Fractals

Torres, New York – Interiors

RTKL, Baltimore – Corporate

Gruen Associates, Detroit – Malls

Frank Lloyd Wright, Wisconsin – Usonian

Dolf Schnebli, Switzerland – Cor-humanism

Robert Vickery, Virginia – Concrete

Charles Colbert, New Orleans – Corbu

Louis Kahn, Philadelphia – hollow column

Ed Larabee Barnes, New York – Corporate Modernism

Constantine Michaelides – Greek

Eric Smith (Smith + Entzenroth) – Modern

Nolan Stinson – Modern

Rudolf Schwartz (Schwartz + Van Hoffen) – Modern

Hari Van Hoffen (Schwartz + Van Hoffen) – Modern

Ron Hemni – Modern

Charles Nagel (Dunn & Nagel) – Modern

Emil Roth – Modern

Ted Wofford (Murphy Downey Wofford Richman) – late modern

Cloethiel Woodard Smith – Moorism

Robert Entzenroth (Smith + Entzenroth) – Miesian

Joseph Passonneau – Humanistic Engineering

George Anselevicius (Schnebli Anselvicius Montgomery) – modernism

Sheply,Rutan & Coolige, Boston – City Beautiful

Eero Saarinen, New Haven – Sculptural


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