Are there any negatives that could make it more difficult for you to secure a good position, i.e. drugs/alcohol, job hopper, recent personal problems, criminal record, lack of self-confidence, termination, etc. Please answer honestly.

The major negative would be the length of time I have been in un/underemployment. I have been seeking full time employment in my prior field for 2 1/2 years, and the market has not yet returned. In the interim, I have: tried to start a company; assist colleagues in starting 4 companies; build non-profits; and gain additional skills and certifications. The various efforts seem haphazard, but each effort was a sincere attempt to create a lasting career for myself and the organization. But, the harshness of the recession did not allow for most of them to succeed. I did learn that I needed more education, and is why I am researching MBAs. As mentioned, the Recession has taken many tolls, but the fire is still a lite.



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