Career Reference List


Kirby Spitler
USGBC Arizona Chapter
Advocacy Committee Chair

“Peter approached his duties with great enthusiasm. He provided our committee with good information and analysis regarding events at the State Legislature.”

Luis Peris
LuPe Design

“Peter is a natural networker and as such has a very up-to-date view on the profession with a keen eye in the political and professional practice areas. We have collaborated on several architectural projects as well as many AIA, USGBC, and similar events. It is always a pleasure to catch up with him whether on field surveying a historic building, finding out the latest trends in curtain walls, new legislation that affects architects, or just having a glass of wine on Phoenix’s central corridor to talk about urban renewal and adaptive reuse. Truly an architect with a macro sensitivity of the larger issues affecting architecture while understanding the importance of micro nuances so important to our profession like flashing details and product warranties.”

Mark Manoil
Manoil for Corporation Commission

“Peter is a tireless and inspired advocate for sustainability and other issues dear to him. He assisted me generously when I ran for public office in making introductions and connecting me to diverse, new groups. As a canvasser, he provides stamina and dedication to his message. He is extremely conscientious and I would not hesitate to associate him again in any future political efforts.”

Paul Bakalis
Group Manager

“I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working together with Peter Newton as co-worker at Jacobs Engineering and consider him a friend. I also know Peter through the American Institute of Architects (AIA) where he is an active advocate for the profession. While I was working with Jacobs, I notice an individual with talent, commitment, an alignment of goals consistent with Jacobs. I noticed an individual with a willingness to engage the process to enhance performance and the personal sacrifice to long hours and extensive travel to accomplish project schedules and deliverables. The results of his effort and work were significant. Peter effectively led teams and was responsible for the overall delivery and performance of services. As well, he was responsible for preparing construction documents for the retail group. Peter is a self-starter, reliable, passionate and enthusiastic. I’ve always been confident knowing that Peter’s on the job because he’d be timely, accurate and complete. I’ll welcome other opportunities to work together with Peter and would recommend him without reservation to anyone looking for a hard working, reliable and committed team member.”

Robert Burkhart
Senior Project Manager

“I managed Peter for approx 4 years on a variety of projects types while employed at both Carter Burgess and Jacobs. Peter was always a highly valued member of my team and my “Go to Guy” for nearly all things Architecture. Peter is effective, passionate, dependable, responsible and driven. Without hesitation, I would both recommend Peter and would seek to work with him again. Peter will be a valued asset to whatever team is fortunate enough to get him.”

TC Kho
Phoenix College

“I have known Peter as an ex-colleague at Jacobs Engineering and a fellow classmate at the Sustainable Building Advisory Program at Phoenix College. Peter is a team player with a great attitude. He is motivated, helpful and solution-oriented. He is ethical, organized and very knowledgeable in all subject matter with an uncanny talent to remember every minute fact and figure.”

Eric Voise
Phoenix College

“I studied with Peter at Phoenix College under the Sonoran Sustainable Building Advisor Program (SoSBAP), which was a 9-month comprehensive course focused on a holistic approach to sustainability in the built environment. During that period, I grew to know Peter well, as we were selected to be on the same project team for our SoSBAP presentation which we gave in May of 2011 at the conclusion of the class, after much hard work and months of research. Our project was a re-development plan for the Camelback Colonnade retail center in Phoenix, which is an aging strip mall that has fallen on hard times since the Great Recession and subsequent real-estate crash took place, and its anchor tenant, Mervyns, claimed bankruptcy and shuttered all of its stores. Peter was the Project Manager of our three-person project team, and he did an excellent job of keeping our team focused on its goals and on what needed to be addressed in our plans. He has a vast wealth of commercial/retail Architecture knowledge and experience, which became a very valuable asset in helping us to develop a clear and cohesive vision for our Adaptive Re-use and Business Incubator plans. As an active member of the local chapters of the AIA and the USGBC, Peter is always involved and engaged in the local Architecture/Sustainability community, and he displayed the same level of interest and enthusiasm during class lectures and project meetings while we were in SoSBAP. He participated regularly and shared his depth of knowledge with the class, adding a lot of pertinent information to complement the curriculum. Peter would be a more than worthy addition to any Architecture firm, as they would be acquiring someone with true passion and dedication to the discipline, as well as an amicable disposition. I recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone seeking to find an Architectural professional with true intelligence and a rock-solid work ethic.”

Robert Greene
Training To You

“I had an opportunity to sit in classes with Peter. I found Peter to be both knowledgeable and driven toward getting his skill set adjusted upwards to get back to work in the industry. Peter sought many opportunities to discuss and provide positive reinforcement to all who were in class with him. His experience in his trade and ability to communicate will help him in what ever he pursues. I was greatful to have met Peter and respect his knowledge and networking abilities.”

Patrick Panetta
Arizona State University

“Peter is an energetic and creative architect who is always exploring new opportunities for his colleagues. As Chair of the Phoenix Section of AIA Phoenix Metro, he organized and coordinated several workshops and building tours that have furthered his AIA colleagues continuing education opportunities. He is a strong advocate for the profession through his involvement with several political organizations including Phoeni ArchiPAC, the local political action committee for AIA Phoenix Metro. He also has a strong commitment to sustainable design and building processes, as in addition to his service to the American Institute of Architects, he is also an active member of the USGBC. Peter brings energy and enthusiasm to all his efforts and is an asset to the organizations to which he is a member.”

Tim Garver
Paints and Coatings Representative

“Peter is an exceptional and thorough individual who is very knowledgeable in any field of work that he endeavors to pursue.”


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