Archello Profile Update

My Passport

Peter Newton

age 37, Architect Designer

Date of Birth

14 May 1974

Architect Designer
I’m also a

Creative Director Project Manager
Address Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Mobile Phone

My Work Experience

My Interests & Expertise

Area of Specialty

advanced design in architecture (buildings; houses and commercial buildings)Architecture and Urban StudiesAutodesk AutoCAD
drafting architectural graphic presentationsEnvironmentgraphic design
green architectureGreen Buildinggreen building design
Sustainability ConsultingSustainable ArchitectureSustainable Building Design
sustainable designurban design

Academics communityArchitects communityArchitectural history
Building constructionsBuilding materialsBuilding products
Building technologyEnvironmentHouses
Public Sector communityStarchitectureSustainability
Urban designVernacular architecture
I use archello to

Deepen my current network of partners and clients
Find job-opportunities
Find new partners and clients
Increase my knowledge
Keep informed
Know about the latest products
Meet new colleagues
Sharing my knowledge with others

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