Facebook Education Profile updates.

  • Phoenix Workforce Connection

    Class of 2010 · Workplace Preparedness · PMP Certification · Innovation
    * Assessed current workforce and computer skills. * Learned to be more innovative. * Improved workforce skills.
  • Phoenix College

    Class of 2011 · Sustainability · Architecture
    * Enrolled in professional development, Certificate, non-credit coursework in Revit and sustainability. * Learned how to design, build and maintain buildings sustainably in the unique Sonoran Desert region. * Developed a regenerative vision for the abandoned Mervyn’s store at Camelback Colonade, where it could serve as a business incubator for future urban development in the Biltmore area.
  • University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

    Exceptional Learning · Summer School and Pre-College
    Enrolled in elective courses in Cultural Anthropology, American History and American Literature while still attending High School and in summer session.
  • Washington University in St. Louis

    Class of 1996 · Architecture · Liberal Arts · Visual Art
    * Enrolled in courses that meet the NAAB requirements for a 4 year pre-professional liberal arts degree with a concentration in Architecture. * Educated through the Bauhaus method of experience through doing, designing studio projects with an urban focus towards the revitalization of St. Louis and its inner suburbs. * Attended visiting lecturers within the architecture, art and liberal arts schools. * Enrolled in liberal arts course work with concentrations in anthropology, archeology, physical sciences, art and architectural history, and history. * Enrolled in additional course work in painting, printmaking and drawing within the School of Art.
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Pre-College Architecture
    * Enrolled in a six week Pre-College exploration and advanced credit program through the School of Architecture. * Explored Architectural Studio, Structures, History, free hand drawing and Computer Aided Design and Modeling. * Visited noted architecture for lessons.
  • Training to YOU

    Microsoft Office Specialist · PMP · Microsoft Project
    * Studied Project Management and communication Principals. * Increased Microsoft Office, Project and Visio skills. * Learned to Advance through career training seminars.

High School
  • Chattanooga School for the Arts & Sciences

    Class of 1992
    * Trained in The Paideia Philosophy, which believes that all humans are active learners through 3 Columns of Instruction: didactic, factual information; coaching of skills; and seminar discussions. * Organized and ran an environmental club that raised funds for science equipment through recycling drives. * Planted trees in downtown Chattanooga and worked on other community service projects for school.

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