3.Describe the last competitive event you participated in. Why did you participate, and did you win?

The last competitive event was a contest to see how many doors we could knock on to remind people to vote. I consistent came in in the top percentile. The competition was friendly and additive, meaning we competed together against the team of the other candidates, though there were some “at a boys/girls” for those that exceeded expectations on each shift. In the end, the only prize was winning the election for our candidate.

Beyond that, I competed in a Volleyball tournament. Our team did not practice, and we did not work together as well as we should have. And we we did, luck was not on our side, and eventually one missed hit would end a long rally of great plays. It was a charity event, and although we lost every game, we had fun and we gained more points than the worst team, which was the host team. We pledge to practice more for next year, but I have not heard from anyone yet.


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