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(2011/07/03) The Backfire Effects (Media)

Edition #504 The Backfire Effects Visit to share your favorite clips with your social networks! Join the virtuous cycle!

Act 1: Republican Scandal Hypocrisy – Rachel Maddow – Air Date: 06-16-11

Song 1: La Valse Des Vieux Os – Yann Tierse

Act 2: Chris Wallace Doesn’t Want to Talk about Fox News – Media Matters

Act 3: Cenk Interview re: Anthony Weiner, Republican Targets – Rachel Maddow – Air Date: 06-16-11

Song 3: M79 – Vampire Weekend

Act4: CNN Republican Debate co-sponsored by Tea Party Express – Counterspin – Air Date 06-16-11

Song 4: Kick drum heart – The Avett Brothers

Act 5: Examples of false comparisons – On the Media

Song 5: We’re simple minds – CLub 8

Act 6: Rational science facts Vs Human Emotions, Influence on Politics – Need to Know – Air Date: 06-17-11

Song 6: Burning heart – Survivor

Act 7: Why Facts Don’t Stop People from Believing Stupid Stuff – David Pakman – Air Date: 06-28-11

Song 7: Windossill – Arcade Fire

Act 8: Who Pays Limbaugh? Beck? Levine? – Young Turks

Song 8: New soul – Yael Na m

Act 9: Inaccuracies reprinted enough to become true – Counterspin – Air Date: 06-30-11

Song 9: Yeat’s grave – The Cranberries

Act 10: Jon Stewart Calls Out Fox News Bias – Young Turks Air Date: 06-20-11

Austin Music Minute: Mar 22

KUT Radio – Austin, TX

NPR: 04-16-2008 Music


NPR: Music Podcast

Stories:  1) The Raconteurs: New Music for Old Friends 2) Nine Inch Nails: ‘Ghosts’ of Songs 3) La India Canela: Hot-Blooded Accordion 4) Radio-Friendly: The Kooks, Carey and More

Echoes Interview feature – Celtic Christmas Music

Celtic music and Christmas go together as well as The Messiah by Handel and Christmas. If you want to tap into that contemplative, fireplace, snowflakes and Christmas tree mood, there is nothing like a good Celtic aire to get you there. John Diliberto looks at new releases from Enya, Loreena McKennitt and Aine Minogue.

The Progressive Magazine

Progressive Point of View

Wis. Republicans Stoop Lower

June 8, 2011 read more

Le Show – September 26, 2010

Podcast: Talk

KCRW’s Le Show (Harry Shearer)

This week from New Orleans, LA.

Musicheads for December 14, 2010

Ho Ho Ho… this time on Musicheads, Bill is joined by David Campbell and Mark Wheat. They have a little fun talking about a few of their favorite albums of 2010.   They also share a little egg nog and discuss a few musical stocking stuffer ideas!

89.3 The Current: Musicheads – Minnesota Public Radio

Hearts of Space

Produced by Stephen Hill, Steve Davis and Joseph Jacobs

Promo 835 “WUSHU”

Far East contemplative sounds from China and Japan

This week we find inspiration in a very strange place for Hearts of Space: the world of martial arts film soundtracks.

How martial arts and contemplative music relate…requires a bit of explanation. Chinese words are made of shorter words put together. The normal translation of the Chinese word “wu” is “fighting” or “military,” while “shu” is “art.” “Wushu,” therefore, means “the art of fighting” or martial arts.

But there’s a more philosophical translation, where “wu” is not “fighting” but “to stop fighting,” and “shu” means “technique.” So traditional Chinese wushu is about the technique of stopping or averting conflict. According to film director RONNY YU, “the better you are at wushu, the better peacemaker you are.” Now there’s a message that’s relevant today.

So if the most skillful form of conflict leads to peace, then the most effective martial arts music should exhibit calm, balance and serenity. On this transmission of HEARTS of SPACE, a journey in the world of Far East contemplative sound called WUSHU.


Flashpoints [KPFA 94.1 FM, Berkeley CA –]

Flashpoints for November 26th 2010

IndieFeed: Performance Poetry Community

Big Poppa E -Frat Boy

Big Poppa E on IndieFeed Performance Poetry.  Show Number 677.


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