Ikoloji Sustainable Building Advisor Program Course Information

The Sustainable Building Advisor (SBA) Program

  • 1 weekend per month (Fri, Sat) 9 months + certification exam
  • Real-world team project (opportunity for project development)
  • Books, excursions, testing fees all included in tuition
  • Job placement assistance services

Having completed the Sonoran SBAP coursework, participants will have the knowledge, tools, and contacts to:

  • Identify and articulate sustainable building practices and goals
  • Identify and analyze costs and benefits of implementation
  • Communicate effectively with project stakeholders to promote economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable solutions
  • Understand when to apply LEED, Built Green, and other relevant frameworks to projects and operations
  • Take a leadership position in projects, organizations and communities in a rapidly important and complex field

Other details

The Sustainable Building Advisor (SBA) program is offered over the course of 9 months, with two full days of class each month. A 70% attendance record is required to be eligible for certification. Course content is delivered in lectures and site visits, and students enhance their learning through written assignments and a team project. The course culminates with presentations of the team projects, a certification exam, and a graduation celebration.



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