Recommendations for Political Campaign Consultanting for Candidates of the Arizona Democratic Party

Regional Political Campaign Consultant

Arizona Democratic Party

“Peter and I worked together when I ran for the Arizona Corporation Commission. Peter was extremely helpful to me being that I was new to the entire political process. He’s a true professsional and would be a welcome addition to any organization.” April 2, 2012

1st Scott Clark, Owner, Law Offices of Scott M. Clark, P.C.
was with another company when working with Peter at Arizona Democratic Party

“Peter is a tireless and inspired advocate for sustainability and other issues dear to him. He assisted me generously when I ran for public office in making introductions and connecting me to diverse, new groups. As a canvasser, he provides stamina and dedication to his message. He is extremely conscientious and I would not hesitate to associate him again in any future political efforts.” November 10, 2010

1st Mark Manoil, Chairman, Maricopa County Democratic Party
managed Peter indirectly at Arizona Democratic Party


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