Personal Profile Report

INTP Summary

I am intensely logical and analytical. I am at my best turning concepts, ideas and problems over in your mind. Like the tumblers inside a lock rotating until they find the correct combination, I search for the perfect solution or approach. Detached, intellectual, and complex, I are constantly on the lookout for increasingly difficult creative challenges.

Independent, skeptical, and often brilliant, I am innately self-assured. I possess an inner confidence that I can tackle any problem by logically working my way through it. In a crisis, I am generally unflappable, remaining amazingly calm and unperturbed, even when I am up against seemingly insurmountable odds. I am fascinated with power and are rarely intimidated by anyone or anything. But I am also easily bored with simple issues, and tend to pay little attention to mundane facts or details.

I am especially intolerant of redundancy, in thought or discussion, and may simply ignore those things I see as trivial. This tendency can give me a rather arrogant attitude, especially when I tune out people who may still be struggling to understand something I have already figured out. I am less generally aware of, and often out of touch with, the needs, and especially the feelings, of others. So while I am usually patient with people who are genuinely eager and quick to learn, I may be demanding and condescending with those who need more handholding.

Creative and often ingenious, I see possibilities where others do not. I have a global perspective and are quick to find subtle connections between things and imagine far-reaching implications. An intellectual risk taker, I am usually very curious and eager to learn new things, in an effort to become more competent.

While I am especially capable at almost anything I deem worth the effort, I am often not nearly as competent in the area of interpersonal relationships, closing off those who love me from my most private reactions and feelings. I may not understand that other people need more reassurance than I do, since I view my commitments as self-evident.

Because I often spend so much time in the world of ideas, I can become so complicated and removed that it is difficult for me to communicate simply and effectively with other people. And since I rarely focus my impressive powers of concentration on the details, I may miss important realities that could make my own ideas more workable.

I absorb new information with incredible speed, and can synthesize it almost immediately. I am good at seeing flaws in ideas and generating innovative solutions. I am really energized by the creative process and working out problems. When I combine my talents with others in the implementation of my vision, the results can be impressive.


For me, life is a process of becoming an expert. And I almost never feel quite expert enough. You enjoy reflecting on how things work, why they work that way and what makes them not work and then really solving a problem, not just fixing it for now. I also enjoy generating ideas and seeing new patterns and elegant connections. These new connections activate your talent for design and continual redesign. The clarity I bring to defining problems as well as words helps you go straight to the essence of a problem, a situation, or a concept.

My thought processes seem random, yet they are logically coherent. It is as if I hold a matrix in your mind with multiple connections, and my conceptualization and design work often involves crossing the arbitrary boundaries of thought and disciplines to activate the imagination and picture the patterns. Making discoveries is a better form of nourishment than food, for without these, my intellect would starve. I am the people who reflect on the process of thinking itself and seek to produce an elegant design to solve social as well as technical problems. Flashes of insight truly energize me.

In the interpersonal realm, I also engineer connections – connecting people with new ideas and information and sometimes with others. For being such a solitary person, I have a surprising ability to network people with people, usually around expertise. I know who knows what and how well.

My  most satisfying relationships often come from sharing knowledge. Even then, I frequently detach to analyze a situation or problem before re-engaging. Others often misread this detachment as not caring when often the analysis and problem solving are done on behalf of the other person.

I often say I struggle with attending to the physical world – like filing papers, dealing with repairs, or deciding what to wear. Even more, finding the right words to use convey my clarity of thought often eludes me.



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