Peter Newton is an experienced Project Manager with a proven track record in developing teams and projects, building long term partnerships for business and non-profit organizations. He is well-versed in the nuances of continuous team training and development, and has developed a savvy reputation for talent recognition, strategic thinking, and “fire fighting”. He is a skilled “hands-on” leader, trainer, and motivator with effective interpersonal skills at all organizational levels. He enthusiastically embraces challenges; immensely enjoys turning around troubled operations and seeing the results of his teams’ collaborative efforts.

Mr. Newton’s areas of expertise include:  1) Operations Management; 2) Strategic Planning and Analysis 3) Permitting Process Optimization; 4) Architectural design and detailing; and 5) Large Scale Project Management. Examples of his career accomplishments include:

  • Consistently increased production output and reduced operating costs through staff development seminars, project management principals to rationalize project development, and evaluation of new technology for implementation.
  • Led Facilities Condition Assessment teams to develop maintenance, replacement and renovation schedules for military, university, corporate and retail clients.
  • Drove the campaign plan across multiple offices and team leaders, over the course of an election in efforts to register voters, candidate persuasion, and getting out the vote, recruiting 300 Precinct Committeeman and a higher voter turn out.
  • Served as Company Representative at multiple networking, exposition and conferences, targeting organizations to build strategic partnerships with potential clients, consultants and employees.
  • Directed activities over $100 million worth of construction project costs, across multiple states, with coordination between many consultants per project.

A creative and innovative thinker, Mr. Newton has demonstrated throughout his career the ability to meet or exceed objectives, many times with limited resources. He takes great pride in his integrity, work ethic and professionalism. A results oriented strategic manager who can provide significant value in a fast paced environment, Mr. Newton’ s leadership style is to build consensus and commitment by valuing and empowering his team. He is a graduate of the Washington University in St. Louis with a Bachelor of Arts Major in Architecture. He is a Certified Sustainable Building Adviser.

Mr. Newton is looking to continue his career with a progressive company where his skills and experience in architecture and community development can be fully utilized to increase revenue, improve the bottom line, and thereby contribute to the continued success of the organization.

Telephone: (602) 352-3517                                                                             Email:


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