Mayor Stanton’s State of the City Address

The main takeaways I got, we need to schedule that meeting ASAP:
          * Gateway Community College is developing a business incubator. It would be good to have a Revit/CAD/Design-Build/start-up business program apart of the effort to
                   assist the development of materials science, Green Construction practices, and architectural/interior/engineering/industrial design professions.
          * Phoenix Solar 2, a program Mayor Gordon launched at Made Boutique to kick off Green Build (I’m in the video somewhere), is going to be expanded to city,
                   commercial and additional residential facilities, doubling it in size. AIA/COTE should be there for the announcement, and we should offer a news release to 
                   explain why this type of design matters for Architectural, Urban and Sustainable design.
           * Panels are to be installed on the roof of HKS’s Car Rental Facility. Now, for shading the top decks at City Hall and the rest of Sky Harbor.
          *  Collier is going to fill in the plot of land at Indian School and Central with gardens and urban farms as temporary use. Good for VA therapy, the history and the foodie
              establishments popping up along Central. Greg is looking for for more opportunities.
          * Electronic Permitting is coming to the city.
          * Emphasis on Local purchasing. Let’s make sure this includes local design firms.
          * no more superblocks.
          * Need a downtown of people. I think this is true of all cores, sub-cores, streets and the sevens.
          * A new Downtown Organization. Sounds like Downtown Now! We need to join as a major stakeholder. AIA St. Louis can talk about how they got involved with 
                  Downtown Now in the 90s.
          * Regional transportation: bus, rail, multimodal, walking & biking expansion and improvement.
          * Bringing an advocate for schools into the Mayor’s office: Early childhood, Science and Arts. Mayor’s round table on education.
          * Homelessness Advocate to work in the mayor’s office. Perhaps a charette for quality low income housing.
The event was streamed on the internet and should be available on Channel 11 cable, the City Channel. Hopefully, Greg and the Chamber will also make it available on the City’s You Tube for review.

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