Temperate House Masonry Investigation Missouri Botanical Garden

Missouri Botanical Garden Temperate House

Elegance and function converge at world renowned garden
Conducted an investigation of a masonry spawling issue and provided a solution.

Size: 11,000 sf
Status: Completed 1990
Awards: 1990 AIA Central States Regional Award Honor Award for Excellence; 1991 AIA St. Louis, Honor Award for Excellence

As part of the Climatron complex, Christner designed the Temperate House to complement the landmark geodesic dome without overshadowing it. As a result, the Temperate House focuses attention towards the Climatron, but also asserts a subtle identity of its own. We created a geometric volume of glass, steel and masonry that houses the Mediterranean collection and provides an inviting environment for visitors.

This is the uncompleted master plan for the Greenhouse complex. The Desert House was to be replaced to the south, while the Temperate House replaced the Mediterranean House. The Climatron represents the tropics.

Model of the Temperate House addition.

Main Entrance to the Temperate House.

Christner’s design solution evolved as a concentric ring of new buildings that partially encircle and radiate from the existing dome while providing a pedestrian connection to the Climatron.

We designed the adjacent Brookings Interpretive Center that offers visitors hands-on learning experiences

The automated HVAC system and strategically positioned glass panes create a highly sophisticated yet seamless environment for plant growth.

The water from the roof runs down this curtain wall and into the wall below. This is the issue we were trying to resolve.

The Curtain Wall aligned with the masonry joints, allowing water right into the wall.

We derived the shape of the greenhouse after studying the sun angles it would receive. The cast stone and masonry details complement the existing architecture at the Garden.

The Temperate House sits next to the world famous Climatron.

The Temperate House replaced the Mediterranean House.

Interior of the Temperate House in a Mediterranean theme.

Entrance to the Temperate House from the garden.


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