Democray Now! listening log.

Democracy Now! 2011-03-23 Wednesday

Headlines for March 23, 2011; Debating Intervention: Is U.S.-Led Military Action the Best Solution to Libya Crisis?; Fate of Libyan American Student and Rebel Fighter Muhannad Bensadik Unknown After Shooting in Libya

Democracy Now! 2011-03-28 Monday

Headlines for March 28, 2011; Obama Administration Relents and Grants Visa to Leading Afghan Antiwar Campaigner Malalai Joya Into U.S. ; “Stop These Massacres”: Ex-Afghan Parliamentarian Malayia Joya Calls For End to U.S. Occupation of Afghanistan; “This is Economic Treason”: 500,000 March in London Protesting Public Spending Cuts and Corporate Tax Dodgers; Will Syria Lift Decades-Old Emergency Law? Street Protesters & Deadly Crackdown Force Assad Regime to Consider Political Changes

Democracy Now! 2011-03-30 Wednesday

Headlines for March 30, 2011; “Prescription for Survival”: A Debate on the Future of Nuclear Energy Between Anti-Coal Advocate George Monbiot and Anti-Nuclear Activist Dr. Helen Caldicott; Haitians Deported From the U.S. Held in “Absolutely Horrific” Conditions; Haitians Face Imminent Eviction from displaced persons camps; Sharif Abdel Kouddous transitions from Democracy Now! Senior Producer to Middle East Correspondent.

Democracy Now! 2011-03-31 Thursday

Headlines for March 31, 2011; Jeremy Scahill and Ex-DIA Analyst Joshua Foust on “The Dangerous U.S. Game in Yemen” & CIA Ops in Libya ; Libya’s Eman al-Obeidi Remains Missing Since Risking Life to Tell Story of Rape by Gaddafi’s Forces ; Supreme Court Weighs Massive lawsuit accusing retail giant Wal-Mart for sexual discrimination against female workers.

Democracy Now! 2011-04-01 Friday

Headlines for April 01, 2011; Rep. Kucinich: Lack of Congressional Approval Could Make Obama’s Libya Attack “Impeachable Offense”; Democrats Vow to Seek Public Referendum as Ohio Enacts Anti-Union Bill; Ivory Coast Crisis Intensifies as Anti-Gbagbo Forces surround presidential palace; Shunning grassroots that propelled ’08 election, Obama turns to corporate insider, Anti-Public Option campaign manager Jim Messina.

Democracy Now! 2011-04-08 Friday

Headlines for April 08, 2011; At National Conference for Media Reform, a Roundtable on Journalism, Broadband and Broadcast Amidst Cutbacks and Consolidation; The Fall of Glenn Beck: Did the Controversial Fox Host Become an Economic Liability?; Government Shutdown looms even as “Government’s got plenty of money to keep going”

Democracy Now! 2011-04-15 Friday

Headlines for April 15, 2011; Offshore Banking and Tax Havens Have Become Heart of Global Economy; As Congress Slashes EPA, Climate Funding, Author Mark Hertsgaard on “Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth”; “A Beautiful Soul, a Big Heart”: Italian peace activist Vittorio Arrigoni Slain by militant captors in Gaza Strip.

Environmental Activists Occupy Interior Dept. at End of PowerShift Conference

2:15pm EDT  Tim DeChristopher, activist and founder of the environmental group Peaceful Uprising, called  Democracy Now!  with an update from the U.S. Department of Interior, where 300-400 people are outside protesting and another 50 people are inside and refusing to leave. The march comes at the end of the four-day PowerShift conference in D.C., where 10,000 activists gathered to demand a clean energy future, targeting the Dept. of the Interior for green-lighting mountaintop “coal” removal mining, oil drilling, and now massive new coal development in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin.

Democracy Now! 2011-04-20 Wednesday

Headlines for April 20, 2011; “A Sea in Flames”: Ecologist Carl Safina on First Anniversary of Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Blowout; Voices from the Gulf: “One Year Later, We’re in the Same Situation as Last Year”; Deepwater Drilling Resumes Despite Unclearimpact of BP Spill: “It is all about hiding the oil, not cleaning it up”; Death toll from BP Spill still rising as residents die from spill-related illnesses; Father of Deepwater Horizon victim: The Blowout was “Inevitable” due to BP’s lack of safety precautions.

Democracy Now! 2011-04-22 Friday

Headlines for April 22, 2011; Earth Day Special: Vandana Shiva and Maude Barlow on the Rights of Mother Earth; “Hold Both Parties to High Standards”: Van Jones, Obama’s Ex-Green Jobs Czar ; “Now Is Our Time to Take a Stand”: Tim DeChristopher’s Message to youth climate activists at Power Shift 2011; Bill McKibben of calls House vote on Global Warming “One of the most embarrassing votes Congress has ever taken”

Democracy Now! 2011-04-29 Friday

Headlines for April 29, 2011; Johann Hari: Frenzy around Britain’s Royal Wedding “Should Embarrass Us All”; May Day Rallies Celebrate Unity; Labor Unions and Immigrants Plan to March Side by Side; Glenn Greenwald: Obama’s Comments on Bradley Manning Mark “Amazing amount of improper influence” in WikiLeaks case.

Democracy Now! 2011-05-03 Tuesday

Headlines for May 03, 2011; 10 Years Too Long: Rep. Barbara Lee Renews Calls for End to Afghan War After Killing of Osama bin Laden; The Right and Left Claim Success in Canada: The Conservatives Win Majority in Canadian Election as Left-Leaning NDP Makes historic gains; “A violation of norms”; U.S. & Allies kill Gaddafi’s son and three grandchildren in bombing of compound in Tripoli.

Democracy Now! 2011-05-04 Wednesday

Headlines for May 04, 2011; Former Military Interrogator Matthew Alexander: Despite GOP Claims, “Immoral” Torture “Slowed Down” Effort to Find Osama bin Laden; 50th Anniversary of the First Freedom Ride: New Documentary Recounts Historic 1961 Effort to Challenge segregated bus system in the Deep South

Democracy Now! 2011-05-05 Thursday

Headlines for May 05, 2011; Pakistani Military Faces Scrutiny as Unfolding Evidence Suggests Direct Role in Harboring bin Laden; Physicians Urge Obama Admin to Pressure Mideast Ally Bahrain to End Repression of Doctors, Patients; Suffering from PTSD, Freed U.S. hiker Sarah Shourd won’te return to Iran next week for espionage trial alongside jailed fiance, friend.

Democracy Now! 2011-05-06 Friday

Headlines for May 06, 2011; Native American Activist Winona LaDuke on Use of “Geronimo” as Code for Osama bin Laden: “The Continuation of the Wars against Indigenous People”; Native American Activist, Author Winona LaDuke on “The Militarization of Indian Country” and Obama admin’s “lip service” to Indigenous Rights; Oil wealth, U.S. backing enables Saudi Arabia to crush dissent in Bahrain and at home; Tech giants Sony, Apple, Google face outrage over privacy breaches in devices.

Democracy Now! 2011-05-09 Monday

Headlines for May 09, 2011; U.S. Assassination Campaign Continues as CIA Drone Targets U.S.-Born Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen; Syria Crackdown: Syrian Dissident Haitham al-Maleh Speaks from Hiding as Al Jazeera Journalist Dorothy Parvez Remains Locked up; Sharif Abdel Kouddous reports from Cairo on rising sectarian tension in Egypt after deadly attack on Coptic Christian Church.

Democracy Now! 2011-05-10 Tuesday

Headlines for May 10, 2011; EXCLUSIVE: Playwright Tony Kushner Speaks Out on CUNY Controversy, Academic Freedom and Israel ; Historian Adam Hochschild: Lessons for the Antiwar Movement from the Pacifists of World War I

Pt. 2 of Interview with Adam Hochschild on Voices of Dissent amidst the Din of War

Historian and author Adam Hochschild talks to  Democracy Now!  about his latest book,  To End All Wars , and the comparison between pacifist struggles in World War I-era Britain to the U.S. during Vietnam and Afghanistan and Iraq today. We also discuss Hochschild’s earlier boo, King Leopold’s Ghost, about the horrific colonial exploitation of present-day DRC by Belgium’s King Leopold and the U.S.-backed ouster and subsequent assassination of the Congo’s first elected prime minister, Patrice Lumumba.

Democracy Now! 2011-05-12 Thursday

Headlines for May 12, 2011; Rep. Luis Gutierrez: Obama Has Discretionary Authority to Advance DREAM Act, Humane Immigration Reform; “They Are Violating All the Rules”: Rep. Luis Gutierrez Calls for Public Hearings, Impact Studies into Massive Gas Pipeline for Puerto Rico; Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon on Bim Laden’s killing, holding torturers accountable, Universal Jurisdiction, and his threatened ouster from the bench.

Pt. 2 of Interview with Steve Earle: “Democracy is Something that is Contagious”

Singer-songwriter, actor and author Steve Earle joins us for an extended interview on the popular uprisings in the Middle East, the connection he sees between his antiwar and anti-death penalty activism, and to perform a ballad he wrote from the perspective of the captured American Taliban fighter John Walker Lindh, who is now serving a 20-year prison sentence.

Democracy Now! 2011-05-23 Monday

Headlines for May 23, 2011; Massey Energy Guilty: West Virginia Probe Finds Coal Giant Systemically Failed to Comply with Law; The Fight over Coal Mining is a “Fight About Democracy”: New Documentary with Robert Kennedy, Jr. Chronicles Campaign to Halt Mountaintop Removal.

Full Interview With Robert Kennedy, Jr.: The Fight over Coal Mining is a “Fight About Democracy”

Watch our full interview with environmental activist Robert Kennedy, Jr., and filmmaker Bill Haney about the new documentary,  The Last Mountain , which premiered this year at the Sundance Film Festival. The film chronicles the fight against coal mining across Appalachia and Massey Energy’s devastating practice of mountaintop removal to extract layers of coal.


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