Blue Box Books 1

Title                                                                                                    Author

Antoni Gaudi                                                                                Ignasi de Sola-Morales

Architects on Architecture                                                    Paul Heyer

A Guide to the Architecture of St. Louis                           George McCue and Frank Peters

Old St. Charles                                                                              Sue Schneider

Denver: The Modern City                                                       Michael Paglia, Rodd L. Wheaton, Diane Wray

The Lower Downtown Historic District                            Barbara Gibson

some projects [since 1991]                                                   carme pinos

Illinois Architecture From Territorial Times to          Frederick Koeper

the Present A Selective Guide

Houston Architectural Guide                                             AIA Houston

AIA Guide to Chicago                                                            Alice Sinkevitch

Philadelphia Architecture, A Guide to the City          John Andrew Gallery

Access Minneapolis/St. Paul

Blood Rites                                                                                  Barbara Ehrenreich

Reefer Madness                                                                         Eric Schlosser

Fall 2005 Sketch Book                                                           Peter Newton

Chicago’s Famous Buildings                                                Frank Schulze and Kevin Harrington

A Guide to the Architecture of Washington, D.C.     Hugh Newell Jacobson (1965)

Modern Movements in Architecture                             Charles Jencks

Valued Places Landscape Architecture in                   ASLA Minnesota


The Poetics of Space                                                              Gaston Bachelard

Worse than Watergate                                                           John W. Dean

100 Places plus 1                                                                    AIA Minnesota

Calling Arizona Home                                                           Fred Duval

AIA Guide to the Architecture of Washington,          Christopher Weeks


Deep Economy                                                                         Bill McKibben

The Image of the City                                                            Kevin Lynch

Los Angeles the City Observed                                         Charles Moore

Philadelphia’s Best Buildings                                             John Andrew Gallery

Contemporary Architecture in Washington DC       Claudia D. Kousoulas, George W. Kousoulas

AIA Guide to the Architecture of Atlanta                  Isabelle Gournay

Guide to Historic Homes of the Mid-Atlantic           Bob Vila

Buildings of Iowa                                                                  David Gebhard & Gerald Mansheim

Guide to Frank Lloyd Wright’s California                   Scott Zimmerman

New Orleans Museum of Art                                            Sharon E Stearns

Lava Flow Trail                                                                     Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument

The Emerging Metropolis: Phoenix, 1944-1973    William S. Collins

The Case of Lynne Stewart                                               National Lawyers Guild

Architecture After Modernism                                     Diane Ghirardo

The National Trust Guide to New Orleans                 Roulhac Toledano

Kindergarten Chats                                                            Louis H. Sullivan

Architecture 2006                                                             The American Architectural Foundation

How Cities Work                                                                  Alex Marshall


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