Clayton High School: Architecture

Clayton High School

Clayton, Missouri

100,000 SF High School Commons addition and seismic upgrades.

New Cafeteria

New Commons

Seismic upgrades to the historic facade

Music Room

New Science Lab

Renovated Gymnasium

New walkway


Site Plan

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Roof Plan

Reflected Ceiling Plan

Commons Axonimetric model I built for study.

Commons Perspective

Commons Interior Perspective


Interior Perspective towards grand stair

Walkway Perspective

Commons Interior Perspective from the Second Floor

East Elevation Seismic upgrades.

Courtyard Elevation Seismic upgrades.

Walkway Elevation

Commons Elevation

Walkway Section

Commons Cross Section at Grand Stair

Commons Cross Section


Music Room Elevation

Music Room Elevation 2

Commons Ceiling

Commons Elevation

Connection to historic gymnasium

Courtyard Seismic Upgrade Elevation


Commons Detail Elevation

New Elevator Tower

Grand Stair

Second Floor Perspective 2


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