Book Shelf Stereo Box Books

Title                                                                                                    Author

Independence Day                                                                       Richard Ford

St. Louis in Your Pocket                                                            Dennis A Saunders and Jeane-Marie Smith

St. Patrick’s Church of New Orleans                                      Samuel Wilson, Jr, FAIA

Bulletin of Washington University School of                   Faculty

Architecture 1992/94

America’s Ancient Treasures                                                 Franklin Folsom

Dean’s Letter Summer 1994                                                   Architecture Washington University

Cahokia, City of the Sun                                                           Claudia Gellman Mink

Access New Orleans                                                                   Constance Snow

Sam Fox Arts Center

The Voluptuous Return                                                            Mary Anderson Pickard

The Dana-Thomas House Fact Book & Tour Guide        David Diederich

Building Stones of Downtown Chattanooga                     Robert Lake Wilson

Aven U                                                                                            University of Oregon

In the Realm of Ideas                                                                Taliesin West

A Master Plan for New Orleans: What is It? Why do     William E Borah

We Need It?

1992 Central States Region Design Awards                      AIA St. Louis

The Muse is Always Half-Dressed in New Orleans          Andrei Codrescu

Handbook of the Collections                                                   The Saint Louis Art Museum

Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot                                           Al Franken

Walls of Light                                                                                 Anne R. King

AIA Perspective: November/December 2002               AIA Houston

Casabella 669

Casabella 673/674

Joesler & Murphy                                                                        City of Tucson

Sigurd Lewerentz architect                                                     Jane Ahlin

L’Arca Plus 36

L’Arca 179

The City of To-Morrow and Its Planning                           Le Corbusier

Architects Guide to Los Angeles                                           Michael Webb

Cite 47                                                                                              Rice Design Alliance

Cite 54                                                                                              Rice Design Alliance

John Portman                                                                               Paolo Riani

On the Road                                                                                    Jack Kerouac

Oak Knoll 1910                                                                              Gamble House

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden                                              Walker Arts Center

St. Louis Multicultural Guide                                                  City of St. Louis

In the Footprints of the Past

Desert Forum 93                                                                           American Institute of Architecture Students

Boyce Thompson Arboretum Trail Guide

MFAH Today – Septempber/October 2000                      Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Chautauqua, Illinois: A Brief History                                   William M. Fabian

National Geographic December 2004

Impressionism                                                                              The Toledo Museum of Art

1994-1995 Profile                                                                        AIA St. Louis

Autumn 2002 – Winter 2003                                                 Princeton Architectural Press

Health and the Environment in the Southeastern         Institutes of Medicine

United States: Rebuilding the Unity


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