Firefly Wine Box Books

Title                                                                                                    Author

GA Documnet 38

Architecture in Detail: Unity Temple                                Robert McCarter

Architecture in Detail: United States Holocaust          Adrian Dannatt

Memorial Museum

Architecture in Detail: Kimbell Art Museum

Architecture in Detail: Schnabel House                           James Steele

Architecture in Detail: Gamble House                               Edward R. Bosley

St. Louis: A Plan for Downtown                                            City of St. Louis

The Architecture of Frank Gehry                                         Walker Art Center

Shaker Life, Work, and Art                                                    June Sprigg and David Larkin

Vital Forms American Art and Design in the                Brooke Kamin Rapaport and Kevin L. Slayton

Atomic Age

Laclede’s Landing                                                                     Carolyn Hewes Toft and Osmund Overby

Fantasies & Realities                                                                Gail Feigenbaum

Architecture Without Rules The House of Marcel     David Masello

Breuer and Herbert Beckhard

Library of Contemporary Architects: Eero                   Rupert Spade


Devil’s Workshop                                                                      Susan Piedmont-Palladino and Mark Alden Branch

Construction Intention Detail                                            Artemis

Hofmann                                                                                     Cynthia Goodman

Progess Through Architecture                                          AIA St. Louis

Re.View Fourteen                                                                   Tulane School of Architecture

Modern Architecture                                                            Vincent Scully, Jr.

Design for Living: Eichler Homes                                     Jerry Ditto, Lanning Stern

In the Spirit of Our Age: Eric Mendelsohn’s                  Kathleen James-Chakraborty

B-nai Amoona Synagogue

City of Quartz                                                                            Mike Davis

Le Corbusier Architecture and Form                             Peter Blake

Mies van der Rohe Architecture and Structure         Peter Blake

Change We Can Believe In                                                   Barack Obama


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