ARE job questions

We recently received your resume and would like to know more about you. Please answer the following questions.

Are you currently working?

 Contract work, but I am actively seeking full time employment.
Why are you considering leaving your present employer? Or (Why did you leave?)
The company went a different direction and could not keep 2 people in the same position.
If you are already in between jobs, how long have you been that way?
7 months
What is your working status in the US?
Natural Born Citizen
What is your present salary / hourly pay rate (past rate if you are not working)?
$50,000 annually
What is your salary expectation?
Where have you interviewed locally?
ARE Solutions, and a couple of Business Schools
What was the outcome?
Most were sales calls, but I am interested in pursuing an Executive MBA
How far are you willing to commute?
25 miles, one way
Describe an ideal job – not only by title, but also by function.
My ideal job is business development and project management of mixed development projects that are apart of the urban redevelopment of the urban core. I have been interested in such projects in St. Louis, Houston, New Orleans, Tucson and Phoenix.  I would like to land the clients, structure the deals, design, develop and build the projects with my team. My team would be up of experts, and I will work with them to bring out and recognize the talents of other team members, regardless of specialty.
In the interim, I am happy to draft and problem solve any project.

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