Recent Counterspin Listenings

James Zogby on Gaza, Scott Horton on Guantanamo

Catherine Lutz on Okinawa, Jodi Enda on Capital Flight

Riki Ott & Tim Dickinson on BP Gulf disaster

Joshua Holland on Afghanistan, Sandy Cioffi on Nigeria’s oil drilling crisis

Nancy Altman on deficits and Social Security, Alfie Kohn on education

Alexander Zaitchik on Glenn Beck, Jon Jeter on globalization

Adam Serwer on DOJ/New Black Panthers, Mark Weisbrot on South of the Border

Thomas Ferguson on Wall St. reform, Michael Messner on women’s sports and TV

Daniel Ellsberg on WikiLeaks; A.C. Thompson on New Orlean police shootings

Sonali Kolhatkar on Afghan War & women, Laura Carlsen on Venezuela & Colombia

Rick Steiner on oil spill; Stephan Salisbury on “Ground Zero Mosque”

Hannah Gurman on Iraq,  Norman Solomon on Petraeus and Afghanistan

Pratap Chatterjee on Task Force 373, Timothy Karr on net neutrality

Phyllis Bennis on Obama Iraq policy, Dean Baker on Social Security

Josh Ruebner on Mideast peace talks, Diane Ravitch on grading teachers

Amitabh Pal on French austerity protests,  Hye Jihn Rho on Social Security

This week on CounterSpin: As French protestors take to the streets against proposed austerity measures, the U.S. media have taken sides. Expressing scorn for spoiled French workers; and cheering the grown up, responsible attitudes of those, like French President Sarkozy who seek to cut promised retirement benefits. How are thee same battles covered back home in the US? We’ll talk to Amitabh Pal, columnist and managing editor of the Progressive magazine.

Also on CounterSpin today, when pundits talk about solutions to the country’s long-term debt and deficit problems, one apparently simple solution is to raise the retirement age. Sure that means we’d all have to work a little longer, but as many a pundit will tell you, it’s about time people started sacrificing. But who would be most affected by this policy? Hye Jihn Rho of the Center for Economic & Policy Research will join us to talk about that.

Reza Aslan on Turkey, Todd Tucker on free trade agreements

This week on CounterSpin: Turkey voted on a package of constitutional reforms this month. The message you heard in much of the media coverage is that the victory for the ruling Islamic party, Justice and Development, is more evidence that Turkey is drifting in the wrong direction, shunning the West and playing to its Islamic majority. But does this analysis make sense? We’ll talk to author and professor Reza Aslan.

Also on the show: More so-call free trade agreements are on the White House agenda; Obama says they’re the way to increase exports which is the way to create jobs. He won’t get any pushback on that from the corporate press corps who never met a free trade deal they didn’t love, but what if the whole ‘FTAs lead to export growth’ idea is flawed? Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch has a new report that says just that. We’ll hear from its co-author Todd Tucker.

Jim Naureckas on elections, Chris Kromm on ”vote fraud”

Jodi Jacobson on Tea Party & social issues; T. …

This week on CounterSpin: The New York Times says democrats are ‘wielding’ issues like abortion rights in hopes of frightening voters about Republican victories in upcoming elections, whereas Republicans really just want to talk about the economy. Same goes for the Tea Party: we’re told not to focus on the movement leader who calls rape ‘part of God’s plan,’ because actual Tea Partiers really only care about fiscal issues. What’s going on, or not going on, here? We’ll hear from Jodi Jacobson, editor in chief of RHReality Check, whose recent piece is titled, “Social Issues and the Tea Party: By Their Leaders Ye Shall Know Them.”

Also on the show: Contractor deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan are largely invisible in U.S. reporting. One exception is the reporting of Pro Public’s T. Christian Miller, who has been writing ahout his latest piece documenting how in recent months for the first time contractor deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan have exceeded military deaths.

Peter Stone on campaign financing; Dean Baker on TARP

This week on CounterSpin: Reporters can always find many themes in election season, but some are saying this time around there’s really only one and that’s money. A new study from the Center for Public Integrity examines the fundraising going into the midterm elections; what impact is the Supreme Court’s Citizen United ruling having on the already prepossessing flow of dollars to candidates and their PR? We’ll hear from the study’s author, Peter Stone, the head of Center for Public Integrity’s Money and Politics team.

Also on the show: The economic meltdown and the government response to it are one of the most important stories in recent memory. What if it’s being seriously misrepresented in the media, such that public understanding of key elements is virtually upside down? Our guest says when it comes to the financial institution bailout program TARP, proponents of the now-expired program are seriously distorting its terms and impact. Dean Baker is co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research; he’ll join us to talk turkey about TARP.

Robert Kuttner on the deficit obsession; David Swanson on ‘War is a Lie.’

This week on CounterSpin: Elites including within the corporate media insist, against the evidence, that voters are highly concerned about the deficit. This is one of the reasons the draconian plan put forth by Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson, co-chairs of the president’s deficit commission, got such a friendly reception in the media. We’ll talk to economist Robert Kuttner about coverage of the Bowles Simpson plan and about a media that obsesses over future deficits in the midst of economic hard times.

Also on CounterSpin today: War is a lie. That’s the title of activist and writer David Swanson’s new book, which takes a sweeping look at the lies we’re told; and we tell ourselves; about American wars. And of course many of those lies are transmitted by a corporate media eager to support war. David Swanson will join us to tell us more.

William Greider on G-20 & trade, Ali Gharib on Iran & Wikileaks

Wenonah Hauter on GE salmon, Rose Aguilar on Native Americans


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