Peter Newton, Community Development Resume

6023323517 •901 E Van Buren St. #2039 •

Peter Newton



Apr 2003 – present Arizona Democratic Party

Company Details

  • Canvassed door to door to register voters, collect signatures and Arizona Clean Elections forms for candidates, and to get out the vote. Recruited, trained and managed volunteers to become Precinct Committeemen. Organized and composed the By-Laws for many political committees, caucuses and clubs. Consulted on multiple campaigns with an expertise on environmental and urban design issues.

Political Campaign Coordinator and Organizer

  • • Field Organizer of Precinct Committeeman in Arizona Legislative District 5 in 2004
  • • Developed, designed and arranged training materials and sessions across Southern Arizona
  • • Judged random hand count sample of the 2012 State of Arizona Presidential Preference Election to verify Electronic Results


Aug   1992 – Dec   1996 Washington University in St. Louis St. Louis, Missouri

Bachelor’s of Arts, Major in Architecture

  • Concurrent studies in the liberal arts design and architecture, with an emphasis on urban design and revitalization, providing a strong base for a professional career.
    • Interviewed potential students for admission to the School of Architecture.
    • Delegate to American Institute of Architecture Students Council of Presidents, Washington University Chapter, 1993
    • Participated in Alternative Spring Break and similar community service programs.

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